Smackdown! TV report for 09/17/2015


Smackdown TV Report for September 2nd, 2015 – “Dissention and Momentum?”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo and Welcoming

A recap of Raw with Sting, The Big Show, John Cena, and WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion is aired. We go live to Little Rock, Arkansas, and are greeted by Rich Brennan, Booker T., and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Segment #2: Arena Promo

WWE World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion Seth Rollins strolls out to the ring. During, Brennan announces that he and Sheamus will team up to take on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in the main event!

Rollins proclaims that he will conquer both John Cena and Sting, who he credits as future Hall Of Famers. He moves on to tonight, and quotes the famous phrase “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Sheamus now joins him and asks if he is a friend or enemy. He is happy with tonight’s match, and also predicts that he will be coming for Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship, due to the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Later tonight, Cesaro will face The Big Show, and up next, Team P.C.B. will be wrestling!


Match #1: Tag-Team – Team P.C.B. (Becky Lynch and Paige) (with Team PCB partner Charlotte) VS. Team B.A.D. (Naomi and Sasha Banks) (with Team B.A.D. partner Tamina)

Naomi and Becky begin, with Lynch completely dominating. Sasha is tagged in and is armdragged into an armlock.


Sasha and Naomi are now in control, double-teaming Lynch repeatedly. Sasha clamps on an abdominal stretch, but Becky reverses into a snapmare. She makes a comeback, kicking off both Naomi and Sasha, then getting the big tag to Paige. She knees Naomi in the face numerous times, then hits a big kick. Paige sets up Naomi for the Ram-Paige DDT, but is distracted by Becky pulling Sasha off the apron. She is small-packaged to give Team B.A.D. the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Team B.A.D. (Naomi and Sasha Banks) (with Team B.A.D. partner Tamina)

Segment #3: Video Promo

Stardust appears on screen and babbles in comic-speak about he and The Ascension defeating Neville and The Lucha Dragons at Night Of Champions.

Tag-Team Champions The New Day make their entrance as Kofi is meeting D-Von, next!


Match #2: Single – Tag-Team Champion Kofi Kingston (with Tag-Team Champion New Day partners Xavier Woods and Big E.) VS. D-Von Dudley (with Bubba Ray Dudley)

(Prior to the bout, New Day cut an entertaining promo about the different types of trees that The Dudley Boyz have demolished and disregarded “Mother Nature.” Big E. presents a clipboard with signatures to “save the tables” and want The Boyz to join it. “Save…the tables! Save…the tables! Save…the tables!”)

At first, Kofi wants D-Von to sign the petition, but Bubba yells “oh hell no!” D-Von smashes the clipboard over Kofi’s head, splitting it up. D-Von slugs away at Kofi with punches, then chucks him across the ring. he pounds some more with a Lou Thesz Press, and Bubba hits Big E. on the outside as he was going for a table. Kingston manages the quick 1 – 2 – 3 with a rollup after Woods distracted D-Von and Kingston rolled him up, holding the tights!

Winner via Pinfall: Tag-Team Champion Kofi Kingston (with Tag-Team Champion New Day partners Xavier Woods and Big E.)

Recap of Dolph causing Rusev to lose on Raw and giving Summer Rae a present is shown. Later tonight, “The Show Off” will take on Kevin Owens!


Segment #4: Backstage Promo

Following footage of Nikki retaining her Divas Championship on Raw against Charlotte by nefarious means, Team Bella is walking through the hallways discussing the details of Nikki’s bash for being the longest-reigning Divas Champion.

A clip of The Wyatt Family promo with Reigns/Ambrose and Miz on Raw is aired.

Segment #5: Backstage Promo

Big Show is prepping for his match when The Miz walks up and gives him a folder. He asks show to look at it, then gives him best wishes for his match with Cesaro. Show peeks at the papers then tosses them aside.


Match #3: Single – Cesaro VS. The Big Show

Cesaro hits two dropkicks to send Big tumbling to the corner. Cesaro follows up with uppercuts, but Show turns it around and gives him chops. He goes to another corner and tries again, but Cesaro reverses into an armlock on the ropes. Big regains control and chucks Cesaro in the ring, then rams him with his rear end against the turnbuckle.

Show uses his size to take advantage for a while on his Cesaro’s, but Cesaro counters a leglock with the rope. He wears down Show with uppercuts then runs at him in the corner with a knee. He climbs the turnbuckle and dives with a crossbody, but Show kicks out! Cesaro hits a running uppercut but doesn’t get the pin. Cesaro counters a chokeslam into a modified-abdominal stretch, and tries a Neutralizer after flipping out of another chokeslam attempt, but Show backdrops out of it. He signals for the KO punch and hits it, securing this one!

Winner via Pinfall: The Big Show

Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are chatting when Rene Young comes over. She wants to know, as does everyone else in the WWE Universe, who their mystery partner is in the Six-Man Tag-Team Match against The Wyatt Family at Night Of Champions. Reigns is not going to reveal him, as he doe not want The Wyatts to know and get an advantage. Dean concurs, and both are looking to Sheamus and Rollins first.

Kevin Owens makes his entrance for his contest with Dolph Ziggler, next!


Match #4: Single – Kevin Owens VS. Dolph Ziggler

(Note: during Dolph’s entrance, Rusev and Summer appear on screen with a video promo, where Rusev declares he is “crushing you in front of everybody and breaking you in half!”) Owens looks like he couldn’t care less, but Dolph leaps on him right away. Owens soon reverses an Irish Whip into a clothesline and stomps away, but “The Show Off” slides through his legs and hits a dropkick. He doesn’t get another in and Owens controls. He jumps on Dolph with a Senton Splash from the mat, but only gets two! Kevin rams Ziggler’s head against the turnbuckle and stomps on him, then whips him hard into the same turnbuckle. he kicks Dolph’s wrist and taunts him, yelling “oh no, your wrist, your wrist!” He counters a small comeback attempt by tossing Ziggler off him and almost taking this after a hard DDT!


Owens is still punishing Dolph with a grounding rear chinlock, but runs into the ring post as Ziggler moved. “The Show Off” starts a comeback with many flashy moves and quick pin combos, but Kevin keeps kicking out or raising his shoulder just before three! Both go to the floor, where Owens gives Ziggler a fall-away slam into the barrier; Ziggler gets in the ring, but is soon put back out and hurled over the timekeeper’s section! He still manages to return just before ten, much to Kevin’s chagrin!

Kevin superkicks Dolph and goes to powerbomb him on the apron, but Ryback charges out and stops it!

Winner via Disqualification: Kevin Owens

Post-match, the Intercontinental Champion continues the brawl with his challenger, but Owens escapes before getting Shell-Shocked!

Segment #7: Backstage Promo

The party for Divas Champion Nikki is not going as planned; so far no one has come.


Segment #8: Video Promo

The montage of Connor’s Cure from Raw is aired.

Segment #9: Backstage Promo

Nikki is ready for her party, but when she enters and sprays the champagne, she becomes furious to find an empty room except for the DJ and Team Bella. She screams at Brie and Alicia, then throws cake at Adam Rose after he told her “your party sucks.” The cake actually landed on Fox and Brie, then Nikki storms off.

Segment #10: Backstage Promo

Dolph is nursing his wounds when Summer walks up to him in the hallway. She was curious as to why he gave her earrings, and he wants it to mean a truce. She tells him it was too much, and he leaves her with “sometimes a rose is just a rose; then again, sometimes it means more.”

Roman and Dean make their entrance for the main event, next!


Match #5: Tag-Team – Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose VS. WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins and Sheamus

Rollins and Ambrose start out, then Sheamus tags in. He gets irritated by the crowd, which plays into Dean’s hands. Rollins comes in but is tossed over the ropes to the floor. Roman follows up with a hard clothesline and Sheamus is put to the mat too.


Rollins is now in control, and both he and Sheamus work over Dean for a while. Ambrose eventually reverses into a float-over DDT, then makes the hot-tag to Roman! He comes in and cleans house on both opponents, particular slamming Seth around. Rollins gains an advantage and kicks Roman in the head hard, but Sheamus leaves the apron as Rollins reached for the tag. Sheamus and Rollins battle over the briefcase, and Sheamus is slapped on the shoulder by Seth, tagging him in! Roman hits the Superman Punch and Ambrose drives him with the Dirty Deeds DDT for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Post-match, as Reigns and Dean are celebrating, The Wyatt Family footage of their recent obliteration plays. Bray now appears on screen and asks “who would be foolish enough to join you at Night Of Champions?” He tells Roman and Ambrose “to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. Because I know, in the end, they all fall down.” Braun Strowman appears and orders them to “run,” closing the show.

End Of Smackdown!

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This was an OK Smackdown.; I attribute the half-effort of Smackdown as routine/“going-through motions” to playing it safe before the Pay-Per-View, which is understandable. Onto the analysis:

Excellence: matches between P.C.B./B.A.D., Kofi/D-Von (although wish it went longer), Cesaro/Show, and Owens/Ziggler. I love the little details of Owens, such as the expression on his face where he comes across as not caring during the video of Ziggler/Summer/Rusev, as well as mocking/yelling at Dolph after smashing his wrist. This shows he knows exactly the little nuances that make a match tell a real story so much better.

Promos from Rollins, The New Day, Stardust/Ascension (even though I didn’t understand what they were saying, it still worked to build the match), PCB and The Wyatt Family, of course!

Bogus: Team Bellas party – the segments/story of it makes sense, but it seemed way to over-acted by Team Bella and too many clips; two would’ve been sufficient to get the point.

It looks like they’re going to stretch out Ziggler/Summer even more now, insinuating that Dolph is going to her side. I really hope not and that it ends on Sunday, at least until Lana returns.

Night Of Champions Predictions: The Wyatt Family defeats Reigns/Ambrose and Mystery Partner, with the help of the Mystery Partner; the feud should go one more into next month’s PPV/Network Show, then end! Dudleys become Tag-Champs again and continue the rivalry. Charlotte takes the Women’s Title; Paige turns on her and starts a feud. Owens is the new Intercontinental Champion. Rollins manages to keep U.S. Title but loses WWE World Heavyweight Championship; Sheamus is foiled in his MITB cash-in and Sting walks out with the big title, finally!

Until Raw, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Fans!