Smackdown TV report for 08/24/2013

The Smack is being laid Down for us tonight in Bakersfield California. General Manager Vickie Guerrero is the first person to the ring, and she introduces the new WWE champion, Randy Orton.

Orton says he was as surprised as everyone else that HHH screwed Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, but now he is the new champ and the face of the WWE. Daniel Bryan comes out to interrupt, but the first thing he wants to do is thank John Cena for the opportunity and the match at SummerSlam.

Daniel Bryan then addresses Orton, the new ‘face’ of the WWE, which he does acknowledge is very pretty. In fact, Daniel Bryan can’t get over how pretty Randy Orton is; he sees now why HHH likes it so much. Bryan tells Orton that he, Bryan, is NOT pretty. He’s not a third generation superstar, he isn’t tall and chiseled, and he didn’t have opportunities handed to him his entire life.

Bryan had to scratch and claw in gymnasiums and on infected mats, but he can wrestle, and he can beat Randy Orton for the WWE title. Bryan gets a rematch for that title and he wants it tonight! Orton says, sorry short stuff, you’ll have to wait for the Night of Champions PPV. Orton tries to get a sneaky RKO on Bryan, but Bryan blocks it and knocks Orton out of the ring with a dropkick to the face. The crowd erupts in chants of YES!!


Vickie Guerrero and Wade Barrett are in the back talking about Daniel Bryan. Vickie appears to share the McMahons distaste for Bryan, and Wade wants revenge on Bryan for shaving his beard. Vickie gives Wade a cage match with Bryan for later tonight.

Match #1: Cody Rhodes versus Curtis Axel.

The two men start off exchanging go behinds and shoulder blocks. Rhodes hits Axel with a springboard dropkick. Axel goes out to the floor and Cody climbs to the top turnbuckle. Axel trips Rhodes up and slams him into the edge of the ring.

Axel pummels Rhodes, takes him over with a snapmare, and then puts him in a kravat. Rhodes escapes with an elbow to the ribs. Axel takes Rhodes down with a clothesline. Rhodes lands several punches and a kick. Rhodes goes for the disaster kick but misses. Rhodes knocks Axel down with a clothesline and climbs to the top. Axel trips him up and then hits him with a hangman’s facebuster for the win.

After the match, Paul Heyman tells us he is a man in great emotional pain, because his former best friend and the former best in the world CM Punk is now a loser. Punk lost to Heyman’s client Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, and now Heyman wants his new client, Intercontinental champ Curtis Axel, to beat Punk this coming Monday night. Axel doesn’t even think Punk deserves a title shot, but he’s willing to fight him Monday anyway.


Match #2: Big E Langston versus Dolph Ziggler.

AJ skips to the ring before the match starts. Big E attacks Dolph before the bell and pummels him. The ref separates the two men and calls for the bell. E charges Dolph but Dolph dodges and hits Big E with a series of punches. Big E slams Dolph to the mat and covers him for a two count. Big E pummels Dolph and hits him with a splash in the corner.

Dolph responds with a chinbreaker and a Stinger splash in the corner. Dolph hits Big E with a neckbreaker and tries for a leg drop bulldog but Big E catches him. Dolph counters with a facebuster, but AJ hits him with a cheap shot. Big E hits Dolph with a clothesline for a two count. Big E tries for his finisher, the Big Ending, but Dolph counters with a Zig Zag for the win!


Match #3: Christian versus Alberto Del Rio.

The two men lock up and jockey for position and the ref separates them in the corner. Del Rio lands a couple cheap shots on the break. Christian backdrops Alberto to the floor and follows up with a baseball slide dropkick. Christian lands a punch and climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Alberto backs away up the entrance ramp.


Alberto hits Christian with a lot of kicks in the corner; Christian responds with a couple punches. Alberto pushes Christian off the top and stomps him on the floor. Alberto puts Christian in a key lock and Christian escapes. Alberto hits Christian with a tilt a whirl backbreaker and follows up by twisting Christian’s arm in the ropes. Christian dodges a running knee strike and snaps Alberto down on the top rope.

Christian lands a couple punches and a forearm shot. Christian mounts Del Rio in the corner and lands a half dozen punches. Christian flies off the top rope but misses, Alberto responds with a series of headbutts. Alberto misses with an enzuigiri and Christian responds with a sunset flip powerbomb. Christian throws a punch and Alberto tries to apply the cross armbreaker.

Christian hits Alberto with a tornado DDT and sets up for a spear. Alberto rolls to the floor. Christian climbs to the top rope but Alberto hits him with an enzuigiri. Alberto tries a superkick but Christian blocks it. Christian goes for the Kill Switch but Alberto blocks it and whips Christian to the corner. Alberto gets Christian in the Cross armbreaker in the corner and Christian taps; Alberto wins!

After the match, Alberto acknowledges his self-proclaimed status as a hero to the latinos, who he then dismisses as ‘peasants.’ Alberto’s former ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, comes out to introduce his new employer, a man that sticks up for people instead of looking down on them; Rob Van Dam! RVD comes out and Alberto yells angrily. Christian hits Alberto from behind with a missile dropkick and Van Dam follows up with Rolling Thunder.


Match #4: Handicap match. Big Show and Mark Henry versus 3MB.

Officially, Big Show and Henry are the ones operating under a handicap, since they are outnumbered. But obviously, either one of them could squash 3MB all by themselves. Big Show starts off against Heath Slater and knocks him down once before tagging in Henry. Slater lands a lot of punches and is then flattened by Mark Henry. Jinder Mahal gets tagged in and 3MB briefly gangs up on Henry to get a momentary advantage.

Henry hits Slater with a big shoulder block and tags in the Big Show. Big Show knocks Drew McIntyre down with a shoulder block and a choke slam. Heath Slater comes in to make the save and Mark Henry plants him with the World’s Strongest Slam. Big Show hits Drew with the KO punch for the win.

After the match, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins of the Shield mock Henry and the Big Show from the big screen. They respect that Henry and Show keep getting back up after they knock them down, but they want them to know that they will retain their tag titles because they are just better. Believe in that, and believe in the Shield.


Match #5: Darren Young with Titus O’Neal versus Antonio Caesaro with Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger.

Antonio gets the early advantage and pounds on Young. Antonio lands a European uppercut and a headbutt. Antonio takes Darren down with a gut wrench throw. Young responds with a headbutt and a European uppercut of his own. Antonio lands a knee, Darren responds with a kick. Antonio locks in a sleeper hold, then clotheslines Young to the mat.

Antonio hits Darren with a slap and Young responds with a clothesline and several punches. Young takes Antonio to the mat with an overhead throw and follows up with a clothesline. Young hits Antonio with a northern lights suplex into a bridge for a two count. Swagger tries to create a distraction and Antonio rolls Young up, but Young kicks out. Darren Young hits Antonio with a Gut Buster for the win!

Darren Young is now undefeated since coming out as a babyface! Congratulations Darren Young!


When we return, Ryback is in the back and a fan approaches him for an autograph. It turns out the fan doesn’t know who Ryback is, but his son is a HUGE wrestling fan and will be thrilled. Ryback hands the autographed picture back to the fan, but when he realizes the fan doesn’t know his name, he takes the picture back and rips it up. Ryback tells the man to tell his son that daddy is a scrawny pencil necked fool.


Match #6: Daniel Bryan versus Wade Barrett in a steel cage.

Wade starts off with a lot of punches and Bryan responds with a bunch of punches and kicks. Wade hits Bryan with a big boot and they exchange some more strikes. Bryan mounts Barrett in the corner after landing some stiff kicks and lands a few stiff punches. Wade hits Bryan with another big boot and then pummels and stomps him on the mat.

Wade props Bryan up onto his shoulders and then slams him face first into the cage. Bryan fights back with a series of punches and kicks. Barrett whips Bryan to the corner; Bryan runs up the ropes and leaps backwards over Barrett. Barrett grabs Bryan and plants him on the mat with a side slam.


Wade hits Bryan with a big boot, knocking him into the cage. Bryan turns it around and slams Barrett into the cage repeatedly. Bryan hits Barrett with two dropkicks into the cage and follows them up with a third dropkick, knocking the slumped Barrett into the cage again. Daniel Bryan climbs to the top but Barrett cuts him off. Bryan hits Barrett with a boot to the face followed by a missile dropkick.

Bryan hits the kneeling Barrett with several stiff kicks to the chest but misses with a kick to the head. Barrett slams Bryan face first into the cage and then spins him around 360 degrees with a clothesline. Wade props Bryan up on his shoulders but Bryan immediately starts climbing up the cage from atop Barrett. Barrett hits Bryan in the back and then drops him to the mat with an electric chair.

Wade starts to climb the cage but Bryan cuts him off. Bryan tries for a superplex, but Wade blocks it with a pair of elbow shots. Barrett climbs to the top and almost makes it over, but Bryan cuts him off at the last possible second. The two men fight on top of the cage and Bryan appears to get the upper hand. Bryan lands a headbutt and then hits Barrett with a sunset flip powerbomb! Bryan hits Barrett with a running high knee for the win!

After the match Bryan celebrates outside the ring until he is hit with an RKO by a very sneaky Randy Orton who just came out of nowhere. Orton holds the WWE title over his head and poses over Bryan’s unconscious body as SmackDown goes off the air.

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