Smackdown TV report for 08/17/2013

The Smack is being laid Down for us tonight in San Jose, California. The announcers for tonight are Michael Cole and JBL. Cole and JBL start to preview the show when they are interrupted by the entrance of the Wyatt family.

Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring to tell us a story, a story about a special little boy. This boy was bigger than the other children, but he was hurt by the names they called him, and felt like a freak. Then this little boy got a new crutch, a mask he could hide behind, and he gave himself a new name: Kane.

Wyatt says Kane’s life is a lie, but Wyatt knows exactly who HE is. Bray Wyatt says he will walk on water just to prove he can, he will bite the head off a snake just to taste its poison. Kane’s music hits and Kane comes out through the crowd to pull Harper and Rowan out of the ring.

Wyatt waits alone in the ring for Kane and invites him in; Kane enters the ring and attacks Wyatt. Kane gets the upper hand but eventually Harper and Rowan enter the ring and the family overpowers Kane. After beating him down, Bray Wyatt hits the barely conscious Kane with his big move; a swinging reverse STO. Wyatt poses over the fallen Kane and tells him to follow the buzzards.


Match #1: Damien Sandow versus Christian.

Damien lands a kick and a headbutt. Christian trips Damien into the ropes. Christian climbs to the top and hits Sandow with a missile dropkick. Sandow hits Christian with a punch and then suplexes him abs first onto the ropes.

Sandow hits Christian with a knee lift that sends him falling out to the floor. Sandow rolls Christian in and stomps on him. Sandow hits Christian with a forearm to the back and throws him back out to the floor. Damien slams Christian into the steel steps.


When we return, Sandow has Christian in a chinlock. Christian fights out and Sandow trips him up. Sandow pulls Christian out over the edge of the ring apron and hits him with several knee lifts to the head. Sandow rolls back into the ring. Christian slingshots himself back into the ring and takes Sandow down with a sunset flip.

Christian slams Sandow into the corner, mounts him and pounds him ten times in the head. Christian slams Sandow to the mat and then climbs to the top again. Christian attempts a flying crossbody but Sandow sidesteps it. Sandow hits Christian with a neckbreaker. Christian hits Sandow with a back kick. Christian takes Damien down with a sunset flip from the second rope and gets a two count. Christian hits Sandow with a flying back elbow.

Sandow evades Christian’s next attack with a cartwheel and then takes Christian down with a side Russian leg sweep. Sandow goes for his elbow drop, the Cubito Aequet, which is Latin for “He doesn’t really know Latin,” but Christian rolls out of the way. Christian rolls Sandow up for the win!!

After the match, World Champion Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian from behind and tells him he will never be world champion again. Alberto tries to apply the cross armbreaker, but Christian reverses it and knocks Alberto out with the Kill Switch!

Match #2: Kaitlyn and Natalya versus AJ and Layla.

Layla and Natalya start the match off and Natalya takes Layla to the mat with a headlock. Layla gets out of the headlock by wrapping Natalya’s head up in leg scissors. Natalya applies another headlock, transitions into a hammerlock, and then takes her to the mat. Layla rolls Natalya up but Natalya kicks out and then takes Layla to the mat with a double leg takedown.

AJ lands a kick to Natalya and Layla hits Natalya with her bum. I never liked the butt bump, it’s only funny when Colt Cabana does it. Layla tags AJ and AJ lands a couple kicks. AJ applies a sleeper to Natalya, wrapping her legs around Natalya’s waist.

Natalya tries to walk AJ into the corner, but AJ takes her down and re applies the sleeper hold. Natalya finally escapes and tags in Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn flattens AJ twice, then hits her with a splash in the corner, and then hits her with a backbreaker. AJ lands a kick, Kaitlyn responds with a fireman’s carry gut buster. Layla hits Kaitlyn with a cheap shot to the back of the knees while the ref was distracted. AJ hits Kaitlyn with the Shining Wizard for the win.

After the match, Renee Young interviews Ryback. Renee asks Ryback if the reason he doesn’t have a match at SummerSlam is because he’s too brutal to his opponents. Ryback mocks her voice and then starts bullying one of the staffers in the back. Ryback asks some random guy what he’s looking at and then punches him in the gut, and then says he’s sorry. Ryback smacks the guy upside the head and says he’s sorry again before throwing him through the air into some equipment. Ryback laughs that people are afraid of him.


Match #3: RVD, Mark Henry, and the Big Show versus the Shield.

Mark Henry and Seth Rollins start the match. Henry slams Rollins into the corner, bodyslams him, and then tags in RVD. RVD hits Rollins with a flying side kick followed by a monkey flip. RVD continues the offense with a standing moonsault.

Dean Ambrose hits RVD in the back of the head after a blind tag. Ambrose clotheslines RVD and tags in Roman Reigns. Reigns bodyslams RVD and then puts him in a chinlock. RVD hits Reigns with an elbow, but Reigns knocks him down again. Reigns hits Mark Henry with a cheap shot. RVD lands a kick and Reigns tags Ambrose in; RVD tags in the Big Show.

Show flattens Ambrose twice and then launches him through the air with a backdrop. Roman Reigns pulls down the top rope as Big Show charges, causing Show to fall hard to the floor. Outside the ring, Mark Henry tosses Roman Reigns through the air over the announce table.

Seth Rollins flies out of the ring to take out Mark Henry, both men lay stunned outside the ring. Dean Ambrose is the only man left in the ring as the referee makes his count; Big Show gets back into the ring at 9. Big Show looks dazed and Ambrose attacks.

Big Show hits Ambrose with a big right hand and knocks him out but is too stunned to capitalize! RVD tags himself in and hits Ambrose with the frog splash for the win!


Match #4: The Miz versus Jack Swagger with Zeb Coulter and Antonio Cesaro.

Before the match, Coulter tells the San Jose crowd he wants to hear someone sing about the way OUT of San Jose, because it’s become over run with illegals, criminals, and freaks. Zeb also calls the Miz a Hollywood phony before trying to lead the crowd to chant “We the people!”

Swagger and Miz start the match off exchanging a lot of punches. Swagger throws Miz off and Miz responds with a kick. Miz takes Swagger down and kicks him repeatedly in the back of the leg, possibly to set up for a figure four leg lock later. Swagger takes Miz down with a biel throw and follows up with a couple of clotheslines.

Swagger hits Miz with a pair of shoulder blocks; Miz follows up with knee lift into a backbreaker. Swagger hits Miz with a kick; Miz retaliates with a kick and a DDT! Miz hits Swagger with a running clothesline in the corner. Cesaro distract Miz and Swagger knocks Miz to the floor. The ref sends Cesaro and Coulter to the back. Swagger protests and then the Miz rolls him up for the win!


Match #5: Zach Ryder versus Curtis Axel.

Ryder goes for a quick rollup and then takes Axel down with a pair of arm drags. Axel hits Ryder with an elbow and Ryder responds with a pair of punches and an elbow. Ryder hits Axel with a flapkjack and Axel retreats to the floor. Ryder pursues and Axel reenters the ring.

Axel stomps Ryder as Ryder reenters the ring. Axel suplexes Ryder, but Ryder lands on his feet. Ryder hits Axel with a missile dropkick and a running forearm. Ryder goes for the Broski boot, but Axel rolls out to the floor. Ryder goes for a flying crossbody but misses.

Axel stomps and pounds Ryder. Curtis Axel hits Ryder with a suplex as the crowd chants for CM Punk. Axel hits Ryder with a hangman’s facebuster for the win.


After the match, Paul Heyman admits CM Punk outsmarted Heyman and Lesnar this week on Raw. But Heyman promises to have his revenge on Punk at SummerSlam at the hands of the Beast, Brock Lesnar.

A video package highlighting the feud between Daniel Bryan and John Cena is shown.


Match #6: Daniel Bryan versus Wade Barrett, No DQ.

The two men lock up to start the match and Barrett pushes Bryan to the corner. Bryan hits Barrett with several kicks and then takes him down with a dragon screw leg whip. Bryan locks Barrett’s legs up with his own and then pulls up and back on Barrett’s nose.

Barrett escapes and whips Bryan to the ropes and follows up with a knee to the gut. Wade stomps Bryan in the corner and whips Bryan to the opposite corner. Bryan runs up the ropes and over Barrett and then hits him with two clotheslines, knocking him to the floor with the second. Daniel tries to hit Wade with a suicide dive but misses.

Barrett slams Bryan into the security barrier, and then into the opposite barrier. Wade goes for a running boot but misses and gets caught up on the security barrier. Bryan hits Barrett with several kicks knocking him off the security barrier into the timekeeper’s area. Bryan grabs a table and puts it in the ring.

Barrett pounds on Bryan and slams him first into the announce table and then the steel steps. Wade rolls Daniel in and then grabs a kendo stick. Barrett hits Bryan in the back repeatedly with the stick, but Bryan is able to land a kick, causing Barrett to drop the kendo stick. Bryan grabs the kendo stick and Barrett retreats to the floor.

Bryan hits Barrett with a suicide dive and then climbs to the top. Barrett reenters the ring and Bryan hits him with a missile dropkick. Bryan kips up and sees Vince McMahon strutting to the ring. Vince must have recently gotten some funding from the ministry of silly walks, because his walk has taken a decidedly silly turn lately.


Barrett hits Bryan with a neckbreaker and then sets up a table. Barrett tries to powerbomb Bryan, but Bryan turns it into a hurricanrana instead. Bryan hits Wade with a running high knee right in front of Vince. Bryan lands several kicks as the crowd chants YES! Barrett hits Bryan with a suplex on the floor as Vince yells YES!

The crowd responds to Vince with NO! Wade slams Bryan into the steel post and then rolls him back in. Wade grabs a chair and pounds Bryan with it repeatedly. Barrett climbs to the second rope and comes off with the chair, but Bryan rolls out of the way. Bryan hits Barrett with a pair of running dropkicks in the corner. Bryan grabs the kendo stick and hits Barrett with several shots with the stick, alternating with several kicks to the chest.

Bryan finally tries a kick to the head, but Barrett ducks and tries to roll Bryan up. Bryan reverses and puts Barrett in the YES lock! Barrett taps out, but Vince McMahon pulls the ref out of the ring before he can call it.

Bryan angrily asks Vince what he’s doing, when Barrett suddenly knocks him out with the Bull Hammer elbow. The ref is still laying stunned on the ground where Vince yanked him, so no one is able to make the 3 count.

Vince calls Brad Maddox out to take over as ref, but by the time he gets there, Bryan is able to kick out. Vince and Wade both wish Brad had counted faster. Wade goes for a pump handle slam, but Bryan gets out of it and lands a huge kick to the head! Bryan covers the barely conscious Barrett, but Maddox refuses to count.

Vince sneaks around the ring and hands Barrett the kendo stick. Barrett swings at Bryan but misses and knocks out Brad Maddox instead. Bryan hits Wade with a dropkick and tries to apply the YES lock, but Barrett fights it off. Bryan slams Barrett into the table that was set up earlier.

We are without a ref once again, so Vince McMahon takes the shirt off an unconscious referee and starts to put it on when he is interrupted by HHH, wearing a referee’s shirt. HHH is scheduled to be the ref for Daniel Bryan’s title shot against John Cena Sunday at SummerSlam.

Bryan climbs to the top rope and hits Barrett with a flying headbutt for the win!

After the match, Bryan and HHH celebrate in the ring, chanting YES with the crowd. The celebration is cut short by Randy Orton, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase. Bryan sees Orton and starts shaking his head NO. Orton poses with the Money in the Bank contract over his head as SmackDown goes off the air.

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