Smackdown TV report for 07/12/2013

The Smack is being laid Down for us tonight in Hampton Virginia. SmackDown begins with Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring for our first match.

Match #1: Daniel Bryan versus Christian.

The two men lock up and Bryan gets behind Christian and applies an arm lock. Christian escapes and knocks Bryan down with a shoulder block. Christian climbs to the top and hits a missile dropkick. Bryan drives his shoulder to Christian’s gut and then hits him with a series of kicks and knees.

Bryan pulls Christian’s arms behind his back, but Christian escapes with a back kick. Bryan lands a kick and Christian responds with a spinebuster. Christian hits Bryan with a forearm and then backdrops him to the floor. Christian goes for a baseball slide dropkick but misses; Bryan responds with a clothesline. Bryan hits Christian with a running knee to the head.


Bryan misses a running dropkick. Christian and Bryan exchange several strikes. Bryan throws Christian to the floor and attempts a suicide dive, but Christian cuts him off in mid air with a right hand to the head. Bryan lands a punch and then a kick to Christian’s arm is it lay on the steel steps. Bryan lands several more kicks to the arm. Bryan rolls Christian into the ring.

Christian whips Bryan to the corner but Bryan runs up the ropes and leaps over Christian’s head. Christian takes Bryan down with a sunset flip. Christian lands several right hands to the head; Bryan responds with several kicks. Christian trips Bryan into the ropes, leaps over the top, and hits Bryan in the head. Christian goes to the top and misses a flying crossbody.

Bryan goes to the top and misses a flying headbutt. Christian goes for a tornado DDT but Bryan blocks it and lands several kicks to the body before missing with one to the head. Christian hits Bryan with an inverted DDT. Christian tries a spear but Bryan blocks it with a kick. Bryan lands several kicks followed by a running dropkick; Christian responds with a spear! Bryan kicks out at 2. Christian goes for the kill switch but Bryan blocks it and tries to get the yes lock. Christian blocks the yes lock and lands a kick.

Christian climbs to the top and leaps off at Bryan, but Bryan sidesteps and applies the Yes lock! Christian taps, Bryan wins!

Teddy Long is in the back on the phone. Dolph Ziggler comes in to talk to him about Alberto Del Rio and the World title. Teddy tells Dolph that Alberto has a match with Sin Cara tonight and he doesn’t want Dolph interfering so he orders Dolph to leave.


Match #2: Seth Rollins versus Jay Uso.

The two men lock up and jockey for position for the first few minutes. Rollins applies a headlock and then lands a couple strikes. Jay knocks Rollins down and then hits him with a clothesline. Rollins whips Jay to the ropes, Jay responds with an elbow. Rollins takes jay down with a suplex and then stomps him.

Seth applies a chin lock but Jay punches out. Rollins lands a punch and then slams Jay’s head into three different turnbuckles. Rollins land a few chops but Jay is hulking up and not selling them. Jay lands a couple punches and kicks before hitting Seth with a stinger splash in the corner.

Jay hits Rollins with the running ass to the face. Roman Reigns comes up to the ring apron to interfere but is cut off by Jimmy Uso. Reigns and Jimmy fight outside the ring. Seth Rollins hits Jay with a running high knee for the win.
After the match, Rollins and Reigns pose with the tag titles on the announce table.


Match #3: Chris Jericho versus Curtis Axel.

Axel attacks first and pummels Jericho the opening minute. Jericho recovers and lands an elbow and several chops. Jericho hits Axel with a missile dropkick and a knee lift. Axel responds with a knee, a forearm, and a kick. Jericho tries to hit the codebreaker, but Axel holds on and drops Jericho into the corner.


Jericho tries to apply the Walls of Jericho but Axel counters with a suplex. Axel misses a running splash; Jericho hits a flying crossbody. Jericho takes Axel down with a 1 armed bulldog and then misses with a Lion sault but lands on his feet. Axel lands a kick followed by a second rope neckbreaker.

Axel lands a punch and tries a bodyslam but Jericho counters with the Walls. Axel prevents Jericho from locking the Walls in, but then gets hit with an enzuigiri. Jericho backdrops Axel to the floor, but then misses with a baseball slide dropkick. Axel hits Jericho with a clothesline and then rolls him back in.

Axel starts to reenter the ring, but Jericho hits him with the codebreaker, knocking him back to the floor. Axel tries to make it to his feet, but can’t beat the 10 count; Jericho wins by countout.

After the match, Curtis Axel throws a temper tantrum. This is the second time this week Axel has lost to Jericho.


Match #4: Ryback versus the Miz.

The Miz sends Ryback flying into the corner twice. Ryback charges the Miz, but the Miz ducks and pulls the top rope down, sending Ryback out to the floor. Miz hits Ryback with a double axe handle and rolls him back in. Miz tries to slide in under Ryback but gets caught.

Ryback picks Miz up but Miz escapes and goes to the top rope. Miz flies but Ryback catches him. Ryback plants Miz with a front slam and then stomps him. Ryback clubs Miz’ back and then slams him into the corner. Ryback whips Miz hard into the corner and then steps on his head. Miz lands a couple weak punches to the gut before being picked up by Ryback. Miz slips out and takes Ryback’s knee out from behind.

Ryback flattens Miz again and then slams his head repeatedly into the mat. Ryback bodyslams Miz and then goes for a splash, but Miz gets the knees up. Miz lands a couple punches and a dropkick to the knee. Miz hits Ryback with a running corner clothesline. The Miz goes back to work on Ryback’s bad leg, hitting it with several kicks and then snapping it down on his shoulder.

Ryback screams in pain and he tells the ref he heard something pop. The ref appears ready to stop the match, but Ryback tells him not to. Ryback slowly staggers to his feet while pleading that he is hurt. Suddenly, Ryback explodes at Miz and knocks him down with a clothesline. Ryback gets Miz up on his shoulders with some difficulty, and delivers the Shell Shock for the win.

Rene Young interviews Sheamus after the match. Sheamus says he plan on winning tonight against Randy Orton and again Sunday in the Money in the Bank Ladder match. After the interview, Sheamus tells Rene she’s cute. She thanks him.


When we return, Teddy Long is in the ring with all of the Divas. He’s arranged a contract signing with AJ and Kaitlyn. It did actually suck less than it sounds. AJ starts to talk trash, but Teddy says they don’t have time for that and tells her to hurry up.

Just before Kaitlyn signs, AJ warns her that if she does, she’s going to humiliate her. Kaitlyn signs, and AJ tries to humiliate her. AJ produces several text messages that she sent to Big E when she thought she had a secret admirer. Kaitlyn complains a little about some of her fellow Divas, and gushes romantically over her secret beau.

Kaitlyn doesn’t lose her composure though, and tells AJ she’s not going to let her get to her again. Kaitlyn also calls AJ crazy in multiple ways, prompting AJ to violently attack her. Big E pulls Kaitlyn off, but Kaitlyn slaps him HARD across the face and then spears AJ.


Match #5: Fandango versus Wade Barrett.

Zeb Coulter, Jack Swagger, and Antonio Caesaro make their way to the announce table to join on commentary. Wade starts off fast, going for a quick cover and pummeling Fandango. Barrett hits Fandango with a backbreaker and several knee lifts before placing him on the top turnbuckle. Team Rhodes Scholars comes out to confront Zeb Coulter and the other “real Americans.” Fandango hits Barrett with a kick, rolls him and pulls the tights for the win!


Match #6: Alberto Del Rio versus Sin Cara.

Sin Cara attacks before the bell and pummels Alberto. Sin Cara looks taller, and a little more ripped than usual today. Sin Cara hits Alberto with a Zig Zag, and that’s the giveaway; this is Dolph Ziggler in the mask and NOT Sin Cara. Dolph/Sin does a few of Dolph’s signature poses for the crowd.

After the match, Vickie Guererro enters the ring area from the crowd. She has a ticket and she’s not happy; in fact, she’s screaming hysterically. She thinks Teddy Long is horrible and she wants to be treated with respect. Teddy Long comes out and orders security to take her away.


When we return, Teddy Long confronts Sin Cara and asks him what he thought he was trying to pull. Sin Cara looks about the same height as Teddy now, I think this may be the real Sin Cara. Sure enough, Dolph Ziggler shows up smiling and puts his arm around Teddy.

Dolph says he knows he’s not supposed to be there, but he just needed to pick up a few things and he would be leaving immediately. Dolph also congratulates Sin Cara for his performance against Alberto. Sin Cara appears to be playing along with the ruse despite not saying anything. Teddy seems confused.

Match #7: Sheamus versus Randy Orton.

The two men lock up, jockeying for position until they end up against the ropes. The two men exchange several strikes until Randy rakes the eyes. Randy follows up with several punches until Sheamus lands a knee lift. Sheamus hits Orton with a suplex. Orton lands a headbutt, Sheamus replies with a frontslam. Randy throws Sheamus to the floor; Sheamus pulls Randy out. Randy lands several punches, Sheamus slams Orton into the announce table. Randy hits Sheamus with a clothesline.

Orton has Sheamus in a chin lock but Sheamus punches his way out. Randy hits Sheamus with a dropkick and then reapplies the chin lock. Sheamus gets to his feet and they exchange punches. Sheamus takes Orton down with a clothesline and then follows up with a pair of double axe handles.

Randy responds with a clothesline and a powerslam. Randy lands a kick; Sheamus replies with the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus picks Randy up but Orton escapes with an elbow strike and follows up with a backbreaker to Sheamus. Randy lands a kick and then tries the rope hung DDT but Sheamus blocks it.

Sheamus wraps Orton’s arms up in the ropes and then clubs his chest 10 times. Sheamus hits Orton with a rolling senton; but even more amazingly, Michael Cole actually calls it a rolling senton! He’s called a few wrestling holds in recent weeks, he may get in trouble with Vince if he’s going to start calling this like a wrestling show. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but misses. Randy lands a lot of punches and then hits Sheamus with the rope hung DDT.

Randy goes for an RKO but Sheamus blocks it. Sheamus climbs to the top but Orton cuts him off. The two men exchange punches perched atop the top turnbuckle. Orton hits Sheamus with a headbutt and both men fall to the floor outside the ring.

Daniel Bryan runs out to the ring and pulls out a ladder. As Sheamus and Orton reenter the ring, Bryan knocks them both down with the ladder. Bryan sets the ladder up and begins to climb, but Christian runs out and stops him. Sheamus, Orton, Bryan, and Christian all take turns trying to climb the ladder and getting knocked off by one of the others.

Eventually, Daniel Bryan knocks the ladder over, knocking Christian to the floor. Bryan gets RKO’d by Orton before he can climb the ladder. Orton is the only man left standing and he climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase. Orton poses with the briefcase as SmackDown goes off the air.

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