Smackdown TV report for 07/15/2022

Arena: Amway Center
City: Orlando, FL

Michael Cole is in the ring and welcomes everyone to Smackdown and then introduces Pat McAfee. Cole says that Pat just signed a multi-year deal to remain his broadcast partner on Friday nights.

As Pat enters the ring, he and Cole fist bump and Cole hands Pat the microphone. He wants to apologize to everyone for his absence last week. He says Corbin has only done one good thing in his whole WWE career and that is celebrate Shinsuke like Shinsuke should be celebrated.

Pat goes on saying how he and Corbin were roommates during their football playing days with the Colts. After a brief verbal altercation with Corbin on the screen, Pat announces the new Smackdown Women’s champion Liv Morgan.

Natalya VS. Liv Morgan in a Championship contender’s match

Natalya hits a sit down powerbomb, but Liv kicks out, Natalya then goes for an ankle lock and Liv flips Natalya into the turnbuckle, hits a recoil then the oblivion for the win.

Winner: Liv Morgan

After the match, Kayla Braxton interviewed Liv and Kayla says the win over Natalya was impressive but doesn’t seem to be as dominant as Ronda Rousey’s win over Natalya last week. Liv said after SummerSlam you will still call her champion.

Megan Morant interviews Theory backstage and gets interrupted by Paul Heyman who attempts to convince Theory that he should not cash in at SummerSlam and have him handle things with the Tribal Chief with a scheduled match for the championship. Theory says Heyman always offers great advice, but he is cashing in on either Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam to become the youngest champion in history and after he may need some special counsel of his own and will hire Heyman and walks away.

The Viking Raiders music hits but out come the New Day dressed as the Raiders. As the New Day make fun of the Raiders, the Raiders come out and say they are going to mangle the New Day. The New Day continue to make fun of the Raiders and called them ugly and as they make their way to the ring, Raiders get jumped by Jinder Mahal and Shanky. After the attack the New Day get back in the ring and dance with Shanky as Jinder looks on and just grins.

In the back, Kayla interviews Gunther and asks why he attacked Kaiser after his match with Shinsuke last week and Gunther said we will not lose and losing has consequences. Kaiser apologizes again and Gunther yelled at him and chops him again.

Aliyah VS. Lacey Evans

Prior to the match, Lacey gets the microphone and talks about the reaction she has been receiving and attempts to apologize to anyone she offended, and the crowd booed heavily and then says if you don’t accept my apology, you all can go to Hell and just walked out.

Winner: No match

Drew McIntyre VS. Ridge Holland

Butch grabs the ring bell before the match and Sheamus grabbed it off of him and said no and Butch hits the bell and the match starts.

Drew hits White Noise while looking at Sheamus and then hits a Claymore for the win

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Megan Morant was interviewing Madcap Moss in the back prior to his match and Paul Heyman came in to interrupt and started giving Moss a similar talk that he gave to Theory and said if he could do to Theory what he did to Happy Corbin and put him out of action for a while that would give Heyman ammunition to go to Roman Reigns and convince the Tribal Chief to have a championship match with Moss. Moss said it sounds like your really worried about Theory cashing in at SummerSlam then left to his music playing.

We go to break after Moss makes his way to the ring, as we come back from break, they show an advertisement for Maximum Male Models and announce next week we are going to meet Maxxine Dupri, Max’s sister!

Theory VS. Madcap Moss

As the action spills out of the ring, Theory grabs the Money in the Bank briefcase and hits Moss in the face with it causing the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Madcap Moss

After the match, Theory gets a microphone and says and still Mr. Money in the Bank and soon to be WWE Unified Universal Champion Theory.

Sami Zayn comes out and berates Theory for disrespecting the Tribal Chief. He says by doing so, there are consequences and as a representative of the Bloodline, he demands an apology right now.

Theory called him a Bloodline suck up and asks Zayn what’s he going to do about it? The Usos music starts playing and they come out and Theory starts backing up and backs right into Moss who grabs him and rams him into the corner post of the ring and then hands him the briefcase back and throws him into the timekeepers’ area.

Jimmy Uso VS. Angelo Dawkins

Uso hits a superkick, but the referee is knocked out. Dawkins hits a sky-high and pins Uso, but Jimmy’s shoulder was clearly up.

Winner: Angelo Dawkins

After the match, Adam Pearce comes out and announces The Street Profits are upset about the way things went down at Money in the Bank and The Usos are upset about tonight and he has personally found the perfect referee for their match at SummerSlam. He then announces Double J Jeff Jarrett will be the special referee. With that, Usos and The Street Profits start fighting again. Referees come out to attempt to break up the action, but the brawl continued as Smackdown goes off the air.

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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