Smackdown TV report for 06/21/2013

The Smack is being laid Down for us tonight in Dayton Ohio. After a recap of the results from last Sunday’s Payback PPV, Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. Bryan is upset that for the first time in his 13 year career, a match was stopped due to injury. Bryan acknowledges that the WWE claims they were acting to protect him, but he knows the truth: they think he is the weak link.  Bryan is especially angry at Randy Orton. After the match, Orton helped Bryan up and shook his hand, but Bryan took it as pity. Bryan claims Orton patted him on the head after, like a good little doggy.

Randy Orton comes out to explain that he wasn’t feeling pity, but respect. Bryan was obviously hurt but he kept coming and never gave up; Orton was impressed by that.  Bryan doesn’t believe him and wants to prove he’s not the weak link later tonight. Orton promises to hurt Bryan and tells him to respect that.  \


Match #1: Sheamus v. Cody Rhodes.

The two men exchange several forearm shots.  Sheamus hits Cody with a suplex and then twists his arm.  Cody gets free and then Sheamus hits him with a punch. Cody climbs to the top rope but Sheamus throws him to the mat. Cody rolls out to the floor and then trips Sheamus up in the ring apron and sends him crashing to the floor.

Cody slams Sheamus into the barrier. Cody re enters the ring followed by Sheamus; Cody stomps Sheamus as he enters the ring and hits him with a knee strike to the arm. The two men exchange strikes and Cody takes Sheamus to the mat, working on his arm and shoulder. Cody hits Sheamus with a knee to the head and then wraps up the arm again. Sheamus lands a couple punches and Cody responds with another shot to the shoulder and a rollup attempt. Sheamus attempts a slingshot tackle but Cody counters it with an armbar!

Sheamus punches his way out and Cody responds by snapping Sheamus’ arm over the top rope. Sheamus hits Cody with a clothesline and a knee lift.  Sheamus follows up with a rolling senton, a forearm, and a high knee. Sheamus attempts White Noise but Cody counters. Sheamus gets Cody in the Texas cloverleaf and Cody taps; Sheamus wins!

After the match, Damien Sandow attacks Sheamus. We’re also shown a video of the awesomely creepy Wiatt family.


Match #2:  Curtis Axel with Paul Heyman versus Wade Barrett.

The two men lock up and Axel hits Wade with a clothesline; Wade responds with a few punches.  Wade hits Axel with an elbow and a dropkick.  Axel lands a few punches and an elbow. Axel stomps Wade in the corner; Wade responds with a kick and a clothesline.  Wade mounts and pounds Axel. Axel lands several punches; Wade responds with a knee and a suplex.  Barret knocks Axel out to the floor and goes out after him.

Wade slams Curtis into the barrier and then rolls him back in.  Axel lands some clubbing blows and tries a suplex but Wade blocks it. Wade hits Axel with a big boot to the face and climbs to the second rope.  Wade misses with the elbow.  Axel hits Wade with a swinging neckbreaker for the win!


Recap of the fake Mark Henry retirement from Raw.


Match #3: AJ versus Natalya.

Natalya starts the match off with a push after AJ started running her mouth. AJ pushes back and lands a dropkick to the back. Natalya goes for the sharp shooter but AJ blocks it.  Natalya keeps AJ’s legs wrapped up and gets her in another submission hold before AJ makes her way to the ropes.  AJ gets Natalya’s back and applies a sleeper. Natalya free herself by backing AJ into the corner.  AJ lands a kick and gets a two count.


Natalya hits a suplex, AJ lands a kick, Natalya lands a clothesline.  Natalya gets AJ up in a modified airplane spin, but AJ is able to slip out and lock in the black widow. Natalya taps and AJ retains her Divas title.

In the back, Kaitlyn goes crazy and attacks Aksana. The other Divas try to get Kaitlyn to calm down.

Match: Chris Jericho versus Alberto Del Rio.

The two men lock up; Alberto knocks Y2J down with a shoulder block. Jericho lands a dropkick, a clothesline, a chop, a punch, and running knees to the back. The two men exchange some more strikes and Jericho knocks Alberto off the ring apron with a springboard dropkick. Jericho knocks Alberto into the barrier with another dropkick. Ricardo distracts Jericho and Alberto lands a kick.


Jericho misses a splash and falls to the floor. Alberto slams Y2J into the barrier, kicks him, and rolls him back into the ring. Jericho sidesteps an Alberto charge and then hits him with an elbow to the top of the head from the top rope. Jericho tries to catch Alberto in the Walls but Alberto rolls out and hits Y2J with a kick.  Alberto lands a few headbutts.

Jericho hits a flying crossbody and then takes Alberto down with a 1 armed bulldog.  Jericho hits Del Rio with the lionsault but can’t capitalize.  Alberto tries to lock in the armbreaker, but Jericho counters with the Walls. Alberto and Y2J trade places again but this time Ricardo runs in to save Alberto. Jericho attacks Ricardo first and puts him in the walls.

Dolph Ziggler runs into the ring and attacks his rival, Alberto Del Rio, causing Jericho to lose by DQ.  Ricardo interfered first, but Jericho attacked Ricardo before Ricardo actually hit anyone, so Ricardo’s run in did not result in a DQ. Jericho looks angry with Dolph for costing him the match.  Ricardo and Alberto hit Dolph with a cheap shot after the match and then blow him a kiss.


Match #4:  Drew McIntyre with 3MB versus Christian.

Christian gets control early, sends Drew out to the floor and then hits him with a baseball slide dropkick.  They exchange some strikes and Christian goes to the top; Christian tries for a crossbody but Drew catches him and drops him with a side slam. Christian hits Drew with a kick and then a flying back elbow. After a few more exchanges Christian hits the Kill Switch for the win!

After the match, Christian says it’s great to be back after 10 months, and also says he thinks we all know why he’s back: One more match! Before a decent “one more match” chant can build up any steam, the Shield comes out and beats Christian down, finishing him off with a triple powerbomb.


When we return, Rene Young tries to interview Paul Heyman and find out whether or not he ordered the attack on CM Punk by Brock Lesnar. Heyman notes that Punk said he is NOT Heyman’s client but his friend, that makes the question personal, not business. Heyman asks Rene about her relationship with her father, and asked her why her fiancee dumped her recently. Heyman says that Rene should have asked Heyman about his clients; Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel.


Match #5: Daniel Bryan V. Randy Orton.

The two men exchange a series of strikes and headbutts very quickly. Orton eventually lands a suplex an stomps Bryan in the corner.  Daniel turns it around and lands several kicks to Orton.  Bryan tries to tie up Orton’s knee but Orton counters and applies a headlock.  Bryan lands a knee strike and tries to apply the no lock but Orton blocks it.

Orton drops Bryan on his back and then on the ropes.  Orton tries a suplex but Bryan blocks it.  Bryan lands a punch and Orton snaps Bryan’s head on the top rope and then suplexes him out to the floor.


Bryan lands a punch; Orton responds with a dropkick. Randy puts Bryan on the top rope and lands a punch.  Orton tries a superplex but Bryan blocks it. Bryan knocks Orton down with a headbutt and then hits him with a missile dropkick. Bryan hits Orton with a series of kicks and a dropkick.

The two men exchange strikes and Bryan runs up the ropes and over Orton. Orton catches Bryan in a powerslam.  Orton hits Bryan with a European uppercut and picks him up.  Bryan slides out and hits Orton with 9 kicks to the body and a 10th to the head! Bryan goes for a cover and gets a 2 count.  Bryan climbs to the top but Orton cuts him off.  Orton lands a punch and then takes Bryan down with a superplex!

Orton hits Bryan with a rope hung DDT and sets up for the RKO!  Bryan retreats to the floor and Orton goes after him. Orton drops Bryan onto the security barrier, the same way he did Monday when Bryan got hurt.  Bryan recovers this time and hits Orton with a running knee strike from the ring apron.

Both men are down outside the ring and the ref starts counting.  Bryan makes it in before the ten count, but instead of just letting Orton get counted out, Bryan flies out of the ring again and hits Orton with a suicide dive! The re starts counting again and again Bryan makes it in before the ten count but Orton does not.

The winner by countout Daniel Bryan!!

Daniel Bryan is upset about the match ending in a count out and asks the ref to restart the match; the ref says no. Daniel Bryan angrily screams YES! at the referee and the crowd joins in. Bryan and the crowd are still yelling for the ref to restart the match as Smackdown goes off the air.

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