Foley appears on The Daily Show and challenges Zeb Coulter


Mick Foley appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – or John Oliver now – a few days ago to challenge Zeb Coulter in a hilarious segment.

During the episode, a clip of Zeb Coulter’s segment from RAW was aired regarding immigration including a clip with JBL and Cole arguing with closed captions while William Regal and Antonio Cesaro wrestled.

The host, British John Oliver, tore his jacket’s sleeves, got a cheap replica title on his shoulder and cut a promo but then brought out Mick Foley for “a little help.”

“Zeb, you have a problem with immigrants? Now you have a problem with me,” said Foley, decked in his usual attire. Foley said that immigrants do the toughest and dirtiest jobs and if someone has a problem with them, they have to answer to Foley and Oliver.

Foley and Oliver then invited Zeb on the show next week to discuss immigration. You can check out the funny seven minute segment below.