Smackdown! TV report for 06/16/2016

Thursday Night Smackdown! TV Report for June 16th, 2016

Introduction Segment: Video Promo and Welcoming

The regular Smackdown! opener starts, and we then go to the arena. Mauro Ranallo hails us and talks about Money In The Bank this Sunday.

Segment #2: Arena Promo

Lillian Garcia asks us to welcome Chris Jericho; he is in the ring and his Highlight Reel is setup. He repeats “quiet” numerous times, then launches his “new” Highlight Reel, with a “Jeri-Tron 6500,” and a “$20,000 carpet.” Jericho proclaims he’s going to win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, which he reminds us that he made up, and defeat Dean Ambrose.

The “Lunatic Fringe” meets Jericho in the ring with a cup of coffee in hand; he compliments Chris on the upgrade, but “Y2J” is more concerned about the potential spillage of the drink. Both talk about winning M.I.T.B., as does Kevin Owens who walks out next. Alberto Del Rio joins, then Cesaro, and lastly Sami Zayn. All six argue until Ambrose breaks it up by dumping the coffee; this infuriates Jericho and they all brawl until referees break them apart. A Six-Man Tag is scheduled for later tonight.

Up next, a singular-Fatal-4-Way between partners of the teams involved in the Fatal-4-Way Tag-Team Championship Match at Money In The Bank!


Match #1: Fatal-4-Way (Singular) – Aiden English (with Vaudevillians partner Simon Gotch) VS. Luke Gallows (with The Club member Karl Anderson) VS. Cass (with Enzo Amore) VS. Tag-Team Champion Kofi Kingston (with Tag-Team Champions/New Day partners Big E. and Xavier Woods)

(Note: Xavier is on commentary.) Kofi and Luke wrestle while Cass and English do. Gallows puts Kingston to the outside and goes after Cass, who hits back and clears the ring of English! Luke dumps him over the ropes, and Aiden slugs Cass; both he and Gallows hurl Cass into the corner barricade. All four teams faceoff now with the referee in the middle.


English is kicking away at Kofi in the corner, and both he and Gallows double-team Kingston for a bit. Luke holds Kofi up on his shoulders as Aiden goes to the top turnbuckle, but Cass gets back in and boots Gallows. He puts English to the canvas too, and chucks Gotch to the aisle side. Gallows pulls Cass from the ring and the two punch it out, but Kingston breaks that up with a top-turnbuckle splash!

In the ring, Kingston ducks a swing from Aiden and hits his Trouble-In-Paradise spin-kick and covers for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Tag-Team Champion Kofi Kingston (with Tag-Team Champions/New Day members Big E. and Xavier Woods)

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

Rene Young interviews Natalya and Charlotte about Nattie’s match with Women’s Champion Charlotte tonight and their tag-team match with Charlotte and Dana Brooke at Money In The Bank. Charlotte and Dana join, and they all bicker.


Match #2: Single – Zack Ryder VS. Baron Corbin

(Note: Dolph Ziggler is on commentary and it is announced that he and Corbin will wrestle on the Kickoff Show Sunday.)

Baron dominates most of this, and completes with End of Days!

Winner via Pinfall: Baron Corbin

Post-match, Dolph and Baron square off, but Corbin walks away.


Match #3: Single – United States Champion Rusev (with Lana) VS. Lucha Dragon partner Kalisto (Non-Title)

Rusev begins aggressive, belly-to-belly suplexing Kalisto right as he was hopping over into the ring during his entrance; Rusev locks on The Accolade on both Kalisto and Sin Cara, who ran out trying to help. Titus O’Neil charges out and evens up, pounding away on Rusev and slamming him into the barricade; Rusev manages to escape up the aisle.

Winner: None due to No Official Start

Segment #4: Video Promo

A recap of John Cena and A.J. Styles’ Contract Signing for their Money In The Bank match from Raw is shown.

Segment #5: Backstage Promo

The Club are questioned by Rene Young about A.J. Styles’ match with John Cena at Money In The Bank; he doesn’t get far into his response when The New Day walk in and make fun of “The Phenomenal One.” A.J. challenges Xavier to a “tune-up” tonight, and Woods accepts; both agree to leave their crew behind.


Match #4: Single – Tag-Team Champion/New Day member Xavier Woods VS. A.J. Styles

A.J. ducks at first and mocks John Cena’s hand signal, and then complete takes over a bit later following a Pele Kick.


Both are in the corner and A.J. is trying to suplex Xavier from the top turnbuckle; Woods battles back and soars with a crossbody! Xavier makes a comeback with fast hits; he turns him over with a backward-suplex, then elbows him to the floor. Woods follows with a senton-dive over the ropes, and then a springboard elbow-drop from the top rope into the ring! 1 – 2 – A.J. just raises his shoulder!

Xavier tries a top-turnbuckle move, but Styles fights him off and springboards with the Phenomenal Forearm. A.J. rolls Woods into the Calf-Crusher, making him give in!

Winner via Submission: A.J. Styles

Post-match, Styles kicks Xavier out of the ring and insists “that is just a taste of what I’m going to give to John Cena.”

Up next, Natalya takes on Women’s Champion Charlotte.


Segment #6: Video Promo

Another “Make Darren Young Great Again” video airs, with Coach Bob Backlund giving Darren orders, not advice, which Young confuses.

Match #5: Single – Natalya (with Becky Lynch) VS. Women’s Champion Charlotte (with Dana Brooke) (Non-Title)

They lockup and Charlotte takes down Natalya with a side headlock. Natalya reverses and rolls-up Charlotte; she chops hard and catches a kick, slamming Charlotte face-first to the mat! Natalya traps the Women’s Champ in a surfboard-stretch, and then front-dropkicks her. She tries something else, but Charlotte escapes. Natalya hits a baseball-slide, but as Natalya climbs back in the ring, Charlotte rolls out and boots her on the floor.

Both go back-and-forth, and as Charlotte climbs the turnbuckle, Natalya forearms her and sit-down powerbombs her from the turnbuckle! 1 – 2 – Charlotte gets her shoulder up! On the outside, Becky and Dana brawl into the ring, and the Women’s Championship is in the ring. The referee thinks Natalya was going to use it, and takes it away; Charlotte takes advantage with a chop-block and the Figure-8, forcing Natalya to tap!

Winner via Submission: Women’s Champion Charlotte (with Dana Brooke)


Segment #7: Video Promo

A montage of the history between Seth Rollins and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns airs; the two will wrestle at Money In The Bank for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sami Zayn make their entrances for the main-event!


Match #6: Six-Man Tag-Team – Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn VS. Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio, and Chris Jericho

Both sides fight in and around the ring, and then it is left to Del Rio and Cesaro for a while. Cesaro governs Alberto throughout this, almost taking the bout with a top-turnbuckle crossbody! He manages to Swing Del Rio a few times, then Owens, and then Jericho! Cesaro turns Chris over into the Sharpshooter, and Jericho taps, but he was not the wrestler tagged in, so his tap doesn’t count. Del Rio is back in with a hard kick!


Jericho and Cesaro are now wrestling, with Jericho in control. All three heels triple-team Cesaro in their corner, and Alberto is back at it. Cesaro counters and hits him with a dropkick that sends Del Rio tumbling to the floor. both Jericho and Zayn get tags, and Sami is all over Chris! He spins him around with the Blue Thunder Bomb, and then makes the hot-tag to Ambrose!

Dean clotheslines Del Rio repeatedly and hits Kevin off the apron. He avoids Del Rio diving, and dives his own way through the ropes! Ambrose jumps off the top turnbuckle, and Alberto kicks him hard. He drives him down with a backstabber, and gets out of a Dirty Deeds DDT.

All fight it out again, and it breaks down between them. Kevin kicks his teammates aside, but turns is rolled-up into Dirty Deeds! “The Lunatic Fringe” covers and receives the victory!

Winners via Pinfall; Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and Sami Zayn

End of Smackdown!

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