Smackdown TV report for 06/03/2022

Arena: Value City Arena
City: Columbus, OH

As the New Day make their way to the ring, Pat McAfee announces this is Michael Cole’s 25-year anniversary.

After talking about the Brawling Brutes, they introduce Drew McIntyre. Drew says before he says anything he wants to give a shout out to Big E to let him know he isn’t forgotten about. The New Day got him a gift, it’s a pair of wrestling shorts with Big D on the back.

Out come the Brawling Brutes. As Sheamus talked, Butch ran in the ring and attacked the New Day and McIntyre but gets thrown back out of the ring quickly by the three.

Back from break

The New Day & Drew McIntyre VS. The Brawling Brutes

As the action spills out of the ring, Kofi takes a hard bump to the back of his head, McIntyre gets hit with a Brogue Kick on the outside, Sheamus then distracts Woods who is in the ring with Butch and Butch hit the Bitter End and pins Woods.

Winners: The Brawling Brutes

Kayla Braxton interviews Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura about their shot at the tag team championships tonight. Riddle says this one is for Randy.

Max Dupri is with Adam Pearce and says he found his first client and he will debut next week.

Humberto VS. Jinder Mahal

Before they come out, Jinder tells Shanky no dancing tonight, we have to get serious.

Shanky dances behind Jinder’s back as they make their way to the ring.

Shanky was dancing outside the ring and Mahal yells at him no dancing and Shanky gets on the apron and dances and while the referee is trying to get Shanky to get off the apron, Humberto rolls up Mahal. Mahal kicks out and Humberto turns around and yells and Shanky to get off the apron and Shanky gets down and Mahal then rolls Humberto up and gets the pin.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Shanky raises Jinder’s arm and tries to get Jinder to dance with him but goes over to the ring announcer Samantha and Samantha gets up and dances with Shanky.

As they begin announcing the participants in the six-pack challenge to see who is going to face Ronda Rousey. They show Aliyah locked in a locker room.

Shotzi VS. Xia Li VS. Shayna Baszler VS. Natalya VS. Aliyah VS. Raquel Rodriguez

Ronda Rousey is at ringside at the announce table.

Aliyah was able to get out of the locker room and goes straight after Shotzi. As Baszler grabbed Rodriguez in the clutch after she slammed Shotzi, Aliyah gets thrown out of the ring and Natalya grabs the pin on Shotzi.

Winner: Natalya

Madcap Moss is back, no more suspenders, he is now in Black trunks. He says Corbin said that was the end for Madcap Moss and Moss says Corbin was right because Madcap Moss is gone, and he buried him. Moss said he has been having a dream where he is hitting Corbin in the face harder and harder as Corbin says tell us a joke Madcap. And he said he knows everyone here would enjoy that and calls out Corbin.

Corbin comes out and says Moss just wants his job back. Adam Pearce comes out and says he thinks a match between Corbin and Madcap sounds like a great idea and makes the match.

Madcap Moss VS. Happy Corbin

Moss hits Corbin with a chair and gets disqualified.

Winner by DQ: Happy Corbin

After the match Moss, continues to beat Corbin with chairs, the ring steps and puts Corbin’s neck in a chair like Corbin did to him a few weeks ago. But as Moss picks up the steps to hit the chair, numerous officials come in to stop Moss.

Kayla Braxton interviews the Usos. Usos say that Riddle dedicated the match to Randy, but they are dedicating the match to the Tribal Chief and after the match is over, they will still be the Unified tag team champions.

Ricochet says next week he defends the Intercontinental championship against Gunther and at the end of the match he will still be the champion. Gunther says next week his time is up.

The Usos VS. Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura for the Tag Team Championship

During the match, the action spills outside the ring and Nakamura ran to kick Jey as he was getting up by the ring steps but Jey moves and Nakamura hit his left knee right into the steps. The referee checks on Nakamura and holds up the X sign. Trainers and other referees help Nakamura up and escort him to the back and Riddle, after checking on Nakamura, runs back in the ring and goes after the Usos.

Riddle tosses both Usos over the top rope as we go to break.

Back from break, the action is back in the ring. Riddle attempted an RKO, but Jimmy throws him off right into Jey and knocks Jey off the apron. Reversal and Riddle rolls up Jimmy but Jimmy kicks out and was able to hit a Samoan drop but Riddle kicks out. Jimmy goes to the top rope, but Riddle is there to catch him and went for the RKO off the top rope. Roman Reigns’ music hits, Jey sneaks up and tags Jimmy as Riddle connects with RKO and Jey hits the splash for the win.

Winners and Still the Unified Tag Team Champions: The Usos

In the back they show Sami Zayn in the control center jumping up and down and Zayn runs out to celebrate with the Usos as Riddle is extremely upset in the ring. Riddle bails out and attacks Zayn but the Usos make the save.

The show ends with officials pulling Riddle back screaming at the Usos, “This isn’t over! You can’t take Randy from me! You can’t take Randy”

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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