Smackdown TV report for 04/22/2022

Arena: MVP Arena
City: Albany, NY

Smackdown opens with Adam Pearce in the ring with a table and chairs set up. He announces Charlotte Flair who makes her way to the ring. Pearce then announces Ronda Rousey, who comes to the ring as well.

Pearce said to make this all work, we just need two signatures on a contract, a contract he does not have, and out comes Drew Gulak who is now interning to be Pearce’s assistant, with a contract.

Before Rousey could sign the contract, Charlotte overturns the table onto Rousey and there was a kendo stick hidden. Rousey takes the stick off Flair and begins to hit her. Gulak then grabbed Rousey to stop the attack but Rousey grabs Gulak and slams him to the mat, she then grabs Gulak into an armbar as she signs the contract.

Xavier Woods VS. Butch

After a great back and forth match, Woods catches Butch with a small package for the win.

Winner: Xavier Woods

After the match Butch walks away through the crowd.

In the back, Aliyah is talking to Ricochet and says how great he has been doing and asks him what is next. Ricochet says it’s an honor to wear this title as Jinder Mahal walked up and Shanky issues a challenge for tonight.

Gunther VS. Teddy Goodz

Gunther squashed Goodz with a powerbomb into a pin.

Winner: Gunther

Riddle VS. Jey Uso

Jey hits the pop-up neck breaker but only gets the 2-count. Jey off the top for a splash but Riddle gets his knees up and rolls up Jey for the pin.

Winner: Riddle

They advertise Monday Night Raw with a 20-year celebration for “The Viper” Randy Orton.

Naomi and Sasha Banks interviewed in the ring by Kayla Braxton. Naomi says it doesn’t matter who is coming for these titles next. Natalya and Shayna Baszler come out. Baszler says what everyone is looking at in here are the next tag team champions then pushes Banks to the mat. Naomi holds Banks back from going after her and says if you want them come and take them.

Madcap Moss is shown working out in the back, Happy Corbin walks up and congratulates him on his win last week and wants to forgive him. He asks if he was ready to come back. Moss says him coming back to be Corbin’s sidekick is about as much chance as Corbin growing a whole head of hair and says that ship has sailed and begins laughing hysterically.

Madcap Moss VS. Angel

After Humberto attempted to help Angel, Moss overpowered Angel and Moss hits the punchline for the win.

Winner: Madcap Moss

After the match, Corbin runs in and attacks Moss. End of Days leaves Moss laying in the ring. Corbin then picks up and carries away the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy.

Sami Zayn is shown in the back trying to get enough courage to knock on Roman Reigns’ door.

Roman Reigns is shown talking to the Usos, Paul Heyman comes and says he has a guest to see him. It’s Sami Zayn! Zayn starts by saying, “I acknowledge you.” Zayn says he saw Drew McIntyre getting real chummy with RK-Bro and are going to be lumberjacks for his match and he heard them saying bad things about Reigns and his family so why he is there he is asking for some help. Reigns says he got people on his show running their mouths about him so he tells The Usos to take his name out of their mouths.

Chapter 3 of Lacey Evans’ story is shown.

Drew McIntyre VS. Sami Zayn in a Lumberjack Match

As the lumberjacks brawl at ringside, Zayn is laying on the floor, so Drew takes to the air and takes all the lumberjacks out. Zayn is then seen hoping over the rail and running away again. Adam Pearce comes out and says he never thought he would ever see anyone be able to run away from a lumberjack match but next week there will be no running because Sami Zayn will go one on one again with Drew McIntyre this time in a steel cage.

As McIntyre was trading words with Zayn, Jinder Mahal and Shanky attack McIntyre. McIntyre fights back and Shanky gets thrown from the ring as the countdown started and Claymore to Mahal.

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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