Smackdown TV report for 03/11/2022

Date: March 11, 2022
Arena: Legacy Arena
City: Birmingham, Alabama

Smackdown opens with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns confrontation at the Madison Square Garden event, ending with Lesnar being laid out and Reigns standing over Lesnar holding up both titles yelling for Lesnar to acknowledge him.

Out first, Brock Lesnar says Reigns changed the game and changed the rules. No one draws first blood on Brock Lesnar and lives to tell about it. He does not care about titles, he wants blood and calls out Roman Reigns. Out comes Paul Heyman, who says Roman Reigns is not here this evening. Lesnar asked Heyman if Reigns isn’t here who is going to protect him and Lesnar begins to chase Heyman as security tried to stop him. Lesnar pitched them all around but Heyman was able to jump in a car and take off.

They show Sheamus and Ridge Holland beat the ATV and destroy it with sledgehammers. They are interviewed in the back by Megan Morant and Sheamus said they improved the ATV by making it lighter they brought someone with them tonight, they brought Butch (NXT’s Pete Dunne).

Big E & Kofi Kingston VS. Sheamus & Ridge Holland

Big E goes right after Sheamus before he even got his coat and hat off and before the bell. Outside, Ridge threw Big E over his head and Big E landed on his head on the floor. Kofi went to the top rope but Butch got on the apron and Sheamus kicks Kofi in the face and pins him. Sheamus, Butch and Ridge beat Kofi as medical personnel tend to Big E.

Winners: Sheamus and Ridge Holland

They show Kevin Owens challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin to be on the KO Show at WrestleMania.

After the break they continue to show Owens calling out Austin and Austin’s response which came through a video.

They recap Ricochet winning the Intercontinental Championship, then they show Sami Zayn in the back getting ready to be interviewed when Johnny Knoxville appears on the screen saying Sami Zayn got his personal cell phone number and has been calling and stalking him, so for his birthday he rented a plane and is flying Sami’s number all over LA and they show a plane with a banner saying “Call Sami Zayn @ 407-574-1532.” Knoxville said he about lost his voice from laughing so hard and said see you at WrestleMania!

This was posted on TMZ. Zayn says he could not prepare for his rematch tonight because he was getting thousands of text messages. He isn’t worried because he is going to win tonight. Michael Cole stated he learned it was 11,000 messages and McAfee said lets get it to 20,000 by the end of the show

Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raiders VS. Happy Corbin, Madcap Moss & Jinder Mahal

Corbin tried to attack McIntyre as Corbin, Mahal, Shanky and Moss attack McIntyre and then throw him in the ring. McIntyre fights free and goes after Corbin who runs out of the ring. Moss gets headbutted and then gets clotheslined over the top rope. Mahal got thrown over McIntyre’s head then Shanky got slammed, then McIntyre grabbed the sword as his music hits. The Viking Raiders never came out.

They show Sonya Deville and Ronda Rousey match from last week and Charlotte Flair’s appearance. Ronda Rousey is in the ring as we go to break. During the break they showed a Women’s history month celebration for Lita.

Rousey said we are less than a month away from WrestleMania. She says she has been finding ways to fine tune the ankle lock that she learned from her first mentor, Kurt Angle, and she thinks there is no better way to honor Kurt then by beating Flair for the title with the ankle lock. Flair’s music hits and she comes to the ring. Flair says by the end of the night she is going to make Rousey tap out. And Rousey said, “I would like to see you try.” Flair walks out of the ring as Rousey says I am either going home from WrestleMania with your arm or you’re going to tap out.

They show Lesnar chasing Heyman through the arena from earlier tonight.

Sasha Banks & Naomi VS. Natalya & Shayna Baszler

Carmella & Queen Zelina are at the announce desk who get up on the apron as Banks shoves Natalya into Zelina and hits the knees to the face and pins Natalya.

Winners: Sasha Banks & Naomi

The Usos says the WWE management does not have any worthy challengers for the them because everyone is the twos and they are the ones. Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hit and Rick Boogs and Nakamura come out to challenge The Usos. If they can beat Jey Uso tonight they can have the tag team championship match at WrestleMania.

Rick Boogs VS. Jey Uso

Boogs caught Jey running off the rope then picked him up for a suplex and held him for a few minutes and even going to his one knee a couple times before landing the suplex. After interference from Jimmy, Jey rolled up Boogs but Boogs kicked out then hit Jey Uso with a powerslam for the pin.

Winner: Rick Boogs

Sami Zayn VS. Ricochet for the Intercontinental championship

As they are announcing the match, Austin Theory comes out and confronts Pat McAfee at the announce desk, then sits down beside McAfee. Theory gets in McAfee’s face and McAfee dives over the desk and goes at it with Theory. Officials having a hard time keeping McAfee and Theory apart as both Zayn and Ricochet just watch from the ring.

Back from break order is restored and the championship match is started. Zayn with a couple two-counts on Ricochet but Ricochet kicks out. Zayn sets Ricochet up for a Halluva Kick only to get hit by the Recoil then a 630 splash off the top rope and pins Zayn.

Winner: And still Intercontinental champion Ricochet

They show in the back Ronda Rousey fighting with Charlotte Flair as officials fail to break them up. Charlotte slams Rousey on a car and chokes her as Ronda slides off the car onto the floor. Officials finally get them to stop as Ronda looks mad as she attempts to get to her feet. Flair walks away as we end the show.

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
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