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Smackdown TV report for 03/10/2023


Arena: PPG Paints Arena
City: Pittsburgh, PA

Paul Heyman is outside awaiting the arrival of the Usos. As they exit the vehicle, Jey asks Paul where the Tribal Chief is, and then tells Paul to go tell him he is here. Kayla Braxton comes in and tries to interview Jey and Jey says anything I have to say I will say in the middle of that ring tonight.

Drew McIntyre VS. Karrion Kross VS. Sheamus VS. Xavier Woods VS. L.A. Knight

The winner of this match will face Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania.

As Sheamus and Drew argue, Sheamus pushed Drew out of the way and Brogue Kicked Xavier and Drew hit the Claymore on Knight, they look at each other and pinned them and it was a double three count.

Winner: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Kayla interviews Paul Heyman who ignores her questioning about Jey Uso and he starts talking about Cody Rhodes and how great the Bloodline is. Paul goes on to say that Cody will lose at WrestleMania and be forced to acknowledge the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

In the back Drew and Sheamus continue to argue until they are separated.

They announce the 1st Hall of Fame induction for this year is Rey Mysterio.

Rey is then announced and comes to the ring. As Rey starts to talk he is immediately interrupted by Dominik who says this is pathetic. Dominik comes out with the rest of the Judgement Day. Dominik says he is ashamed to be his son. Legado Del Fantasma comes to the ring. Santos says he didn’t forget what Dominik did last week and Legado Del Fantasma and the Judgement Day are supposed to have a match later and he wants to do it right now.

The Judgement Day VS. Legado Del Fantasma

After Wilde and Escobar dived out of the ring onto Priest and Balor, Rhea picked up and threw Zelina onto Escobar and Wilde. Rey comes over and starts arguing with Rhea. Dominik baseball slides into and knocks Rey down. Del Toro rolls Dominik up but the referee is busy trying to keep Rey from getting in the ring and going after Dominik as Priest hits Del Toro and Dominik reverses the pin and the referee turns and makes the three count.

Winners: The Judgement Day

After the match, Dominik tells the rest of the Judgement Day to leave and he wants to have a heart to heart alone with his dad and Dominik tells Rey the only hall of fame he deserves to be in is the deadbeat dad hall of fame and at the end of the day he should have been Eddie’s son. Dominik then pushes Rey in the face and Rey falls toward the rope. After challenging Rey to hit him, Dominik runs at Rey who falls down pulling the ropes and Dominik goes flying to the floor at the feet of the rest of the Judgement Day as Rey stands in the ring yelling “I am not going to fight you, no matter what you do.”

Adam Pearce walks into his office to find Charlotte Flair and she is requesting a match tonight. Pearce said he will see if he can find a suitable opponent.

Braun Strowman & Ricochet VS. The Viking Raiders

After tagging Ricochet in, Braun went for the Strowman Express run on Erik but Valhalla pulled Erik out of the way and Braun hit the announce desk hard and flew over the desk. Ricochet flew out of the ring and hit Erik with a flying forearm. Back in the ring Ricochet tries to go for the 450 splash but Ivar moves and Ricochet ends up getting a leg to the face. Ivar then climbed the ropes and splashed Ricochet and got the win for his team.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Gunther and Imperium are talking with Adam Pearce and Gunther tells him he had one job and English is not his native tongue but he understands the difference between challenger and challengers and Pearce tells him not to worry next week Sheamus will face Drew McIntyre one on one and the winner of that match will be Gunther’s WrestleMania opponent.

Charlotte Flair VS. Shotzi

As Charlotte was getting ready to lock Shotzi in the figure 8, Rhea Ripley’s music hits and Rhea comes to ringside. Shotzi with a quick rollup but Charlotte kicks out. Charlotte was able to lock Shotzi in the figure 8 and get the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Rhea gets in the ring and Charlotte says ok what do you have to say kid? Rhea said she is going to take the Smackdown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. Charlotte says she will outwork everyone male or female and your Rhea “Bloody” Ripley and you will destroy anyone who stands in your way except for Charlotte Flair.

The Usos are out next and Jey said what would you do if it was your family. Jey then says the next problem is Cody Rhodes and Cody’s music hits and Cody comes to the ring. Cody says he keeps hearing his name so if you’re going to talk about me you can just talk directly to me. Cody then says the fans don’t want to hear us talk, they want to see us fight, Jey tells him if he takes one more step he won’t make it to WrestleMania. Sami Zayn sneaks in the ring and goes right after Jey Uso as Cody comes in and he and Jimmy are fighting through the crowd. They throw the Usos back in the ring only to clothesline both of them back out of the ring and Cody and Sami are standing in the middle of the ring.

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