Smackdown TV report for 01/14/2016

Royal Rumble is just 9 days away (from the time of this posting), but first we must get through another Smackdown!, which features a big championship rematch between NEW United States Champion/Lucha Dragon partner Kalisto defending against Alberto Del Rio. Will this be a very-short reign, or can Kalisto pull another upset?

Brock Lesnar made his presence known on Monday, taking out everyone that was in front of him, which included WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. What are Brock’s intentions going forward? Will The Authority have anything to say about him?

Thursday Night Smackdown! TV Report for January 14th, 2016 – “A Table and A Title”

Introduction Segment: Video Promo and Welcoming

The regular Smackdown! opener plays and the pyro goes off, then Mauro Ranallo acknowledges us from the Cajundome. He and Jerry “The King” Lawler run down the card, which features the U.S. Title bout, a Tables Match between The Dudleyz and Wyatt Family, and Neville and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose taking on Kevin Owens and Sheamus.

Segment #2: Backstage and Arena Promo

Rene Young is near the entrance to the building, awaiting IC Champ Dean Ambrose’s arrival. She says Dean has a “statement” to make, and doesn’t have to wait long. Ambrose rolls up in a pick-up, and tells Young that he wants to tell Kevin Owens something in person.

Dean goes o the ring and asks Kevin to meet him; Owens does not respond, which does not surprise Dean. “The Lunatic Fringe” then announces he wants to go against Kevin in a Last Man Standing Match at the Royal Rumble.

Instead of Owens though, Sheamus walks out and berates Ambrose for his actions and Roman Reigns taking the WWE Championship from him. Sheamus also wants to complete the brawl they engaged in on Raw, but before he goes further, Kevin Owens joins. He accepts Dean’s proposal for the Rumble, but warns him that he will not be mobile after the show.

Sheamus and Owens attack Ambrose until Neville makes the save and help Dean fend off Sheamus and Kevin.

Up next is the Tables Match!


Match #1: Tables (Tag-Team) – The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) VS. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erik Rowan)

Harper and Rowan appear in the ring when the lights come back on and hammer on Bubby and D-Von; Strowman is in their corner. Bubba makes a comeback with a clothesline on Rowan and then a backdrop and scoop-slam on Luke. He and D-Von gives Luke the “What’s Up” scoop-slam/headbutt combo, then bring a table into the ring. D-Von turns around into a superkick by Harper, then Rowan re-enters to get control again.


Bubba is punched on the outside, then Rowan and Harper double-team D-Von. Both try to suplex D-Von through a table, but Bubba came back in and moved it. ray and D-Von regain momentum. Braun tries to interfere, but Bubba takes the Kendo stick from him and lets him run into the ring post. Rowan hits the steps, then Ray shoves Luke off the top turnbuckle through a table for the victory!

Winners via Putting Their Opponent Through A Table: The Dudleyz

Post-match, Strowman attacks and The Family begins to destroy the “brothers.” Braun hurls D-Von through two tables in opposite corners, then double-chokeslam Bubba into two tables on the outside by the commentator’s table. Bray Wyatt’s voice is heard over the speakers; “follow the buzzards.”

Clips of the United States Championship match from Raw are shown.

Segment #3: Backstage Promo

JoJo interviews the new U.S. Champ, Kalisto. He gives credit to the late-great Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio for achieving what they did in their careers with their relatively small size. He vows to still be U.S. Champ after Smackdown!


Match #2: Eight-Man Tag-Team – Goldust, Damien Sandow, Jack Swagger, and Zack Ryder VS. The Social Outcasts (Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, and Curtis Axel)

Sandow and Slater start out, with Heath being put to the floor. Swagger is hot-tagged and all-over Dallas, hitting a clothesline and going for the Swaggerbomb splash. Bo puts his feet up but is caught in the Patriot Ankle Lock. Ryder is tagged, but quickly gets planted with the Running Bo-Dog (although, Bo seemingly accidentally kicks Slater off the apron during the move!); Dallas covers for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: The Social Outcasts


Segment #4: Backstage Promo

Alberto Del Rio swears to defeat the Lucha Dragon and regain the belt.


Match #3: Single for the United States Championship – Kalisto (Champion) VS. Alberto Del Rio (Challenger)

Del Rio begins aggressively with punches and a snapmare. He kicks Kalisto a couple times then gives him a big side-backdrop. He props Kalisto atop the turnbuckle and tears at his mask. The U.S. Champ fights him off with a back elbow and front-missile dropkick, but Alberto hits back with a clothesline. Kalisto tries a little, but is taken down with a leaping armbreaker from the middle turnbuckle! he rolls to the outside, where Del Rio slams his arm a few times on the stairs, then rips at it with an armlock. Kalisto tries again, but runs into the ring post.


King Barrett has joined ringside now as Alberto continues to work over Kalisto’s arm, then hangs him upside down in the corner. He boots him a few times, then climbs the turnbuckle. He is caught with a headscissors, and Kalisto

Kalisto is caught in an armbreaker, but struggles his way to the ropes. He dives through the ropes, but Del Rio moves and Kalisto eats the floor. Barrett distracts Kalisto, and he is put back in the ring and placed in the Cross Armbreaker to give Del Rio the submission and title!

Winner via Submission and NEW United States Champion: Alberto Del Rio (with League of Nations member King Barrett)


Segment #5: Video Promo

The highlight package of Sting’s career is recalled for his induction into this year’s Hall-Of-Fame!

Segment #6: Backstage Promo

Beck Lynch is with Rene Young and is inquired about her feelings towards Charlotte.


Match #4: Single – Brie Bella (with Team Bella member Alicia Fox) VS. Becky Lynch

They lockup and Brie takes over by slamming Becky’s head into the canvas. Lynch turns it around in the corner, but Brie takes over again with a necklock. She kicks Becky multiple times in the corner, but Lynch counters and rams Brie’s head into the middle turnbuckle. Becky punches and clotheslines back, then is fired up for a running forearm. She tosses her over with a suplex, then rolls over a bit later into her Disarmer, making Bella give-in fast!

Winner via Submission: Becky Lynch


Match #5: Tag-Team – Sheamus and Kevin Owens VS. Adrian Neville and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose

Sheamus and Neville start out, with Neville giving the big Irishman a headscissors quickly. He tags to Ambrose who punches away, but Sheamus punches back. He whips Dean off the ropes, but “The Lunatic Fringe” counters with a kick and dropkick. He puts Kevin to the floor and launches over the ropes with a slingshot-plancha, but is knocked down by Sheamus.


Owens now in control, and the heels dominate for a bit. Ambrose soon counters with a swinging-neckbreaker, and then boots Kevin out of the corner. Neville springboards himself into the ring, and tries to German-suplex him, but Owens fight shim off. Kevin tags in Sheamus, who is superkicked. Neville goes for a move from the top, but Sheamus moves; Neville rolls to Kevin/Shamus’ corner, and then is taken over soon after.

Neville moves from a running Owens in the corner, then German-suplexes him! He gets the hot-tag to Ambrose who cleans house on Sheamus. He goes to the top and dives off with an elbow, but only gets two as Kevin breaks it! Dean knocks Owens down, and goes for a clothesline on Sheamus, but Kevin kicks him back. Sheamus drops Ambrose with White Noise, but only gets two!

Kevin is in and goes for his Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Dean reverses with a hurricanrana. He clotheslines Owens, who tumbles to the outside. Ambrose follows with a dive but does not hit it. Sheamus and Kevin ram Dean into the steps, then Kevin drops the cover of the announcer’s table onto him, causing a DQ.

Winners via Disqualification: Neville and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose

Post-match, Sheamus and Owens continue the attack until Neville soars over the top with a twisting-plancha onto both! Ambrose gives Owens a Dirty Deeds DDT, and Neville rockets off the top with his Red Arrow Splash! Neville and Dean celebrate to close the show.

End of Smackdown!

Reporter’s Rumblings

This was on okay Smackdown; some of the wrestling was great, but overall, I thought the show was more-of-the-same.

Excellence: matches between Dudleyz/Wyatts, Kalisto/Del Rio, and Ambrose/Neville/Owens/Sheamus. I loved promos of Ambrose, Owens, Sheamus, Kalisto, and Lynch.

Bogus: I really hope that the ending to the Tables Match was the last of the Dudleyz/Wyatts feud; the four “monsters” need to move on. I wish Charlotte had returned the favor on Becky, and pounded her before the bout got going; would’ve amped up the rivalry just a little more. As my Dad pointed out, Tag-Team Champions New Day weren’t on the show – how come? Unfortunately, when they announced the immediate rematch for the United States Championship, I saw the return of the belt to Del Rio immediately. Kalisto should’ve been given the chance to run with it, at least until Sin Cara was healed and they could tag again. While I am enjoying the feud between Owens/Ambrose, didn’t like another DQ finish; Neville could’ve eaten the pin and I don’t think it would’ve hurt him too much. All of this falls into my “more-of-the-same” comment; let’s change it up next week for the better!

Until Raw, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Fans!


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