Smackdown TV report for 01/13/2023

Arena: Resch Center

City: Green Bay, WI

Gunther VS. Braun Strowman for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

After multiple 2 counts by both men, the end saw both men on the top rope and Gunther was able to get off the ropes and pull Braun’s bad arm down causing Braun to hit his head on the ring post then Gunther delivers a powerbomb into a pin for the win.

Winner and Still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Gunther

In the back, Sami Zayn goes to the Bloodline’s door and Paul Heyman came out and told Sami per the Tribal Chief he is on his own tonight against Kevin Owens. Sami told Paul to tell Roman he had made the right decision and that he would handle this problem.

Rey Mysterio comes out and says the holidays are cherished by him, but he didn’t have a very merry Christmas. Dominik tried to ruin things again. Now Dominik is walking around like a thug and as a father it breaks my heart but as a man it pisses him off and is going to enter and win the Royal Rumble match. Karrion Kross comes out to interrupt Rey. Karrion said he knows 17 years ago Rey won the Royal Rumble and it was probably a good night for Dominik also, but Rey wouldn’t know that because he wasn’t around for Dominik while he was growing up. Karrion then said he is a failure and wants to know what hurts more the fact that Dominik didn’t grow up to be like him or that he did not raise Dominik to be just like him. Rey attacks Kross and drapes him over the ropes but when he goes for the 619 Scarlett pulls Rey’s leg allowing Kross to recover and hook Rey in the cross jacket.

In the back Emma and Maxine were trying to talk to Liv about her choice to enter the Women’s Royal Rumble the #1 entrant and Raquel Rodriguez walks in and says yes we know you have the fighting spirit to take on all 29 other women but someone of your size, but my size was built to win the Royal Rumble. Liv looks at Raquel and says well look I had my palm read today and when Raquel looked down at her hand, Liv slapped her in the face and challenged Raquel to a match tonight. Raquel accepted.

Xia Li VS. Tegan Nox

Xia goes for a spinning kick, but Tegan moves and hits her finisher, the Shining Wizard, and gets the win.

Winner: Tegan Nox

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre in the back with Adam Pearce and are requesting a match with the Usos and Pearce tells them starting next week is going to be a tournament to see who will face the Usos and they are in it and their first match will be against the Viking Raiders.

Bray Wyatt is out next and is sitting in a rocking chair in the ring, and says he knows who he is but who are you? He is the eater of worlds and at the Royal Rumble will be his rebirth and LA Knight when the lights go out you should run.

In the back Kayla Braxton interviewed Kevin Owens and prior to Kayla finishing her question, Sami Zayn interrupted. Sami said you couldn’t stay on Raw and leave me do this with the Bloodline. Kevin says you don’t see it, I didn’t ask for this match, I didn’t ask for the tag match with Cena, Roman did. Sami says he is going to end this tonight.

Imperium is interviewed in the back by Kayla Braxton and Gunther says he did it, he beat his biggest challenge in Braun Strowman, and he is now ready to enter the Royal Rumble to go onto WrestleMania.

Liv Morgan VS. Raquel Rodriguez

During the match Liv proved she could throw Raquel over the top rope, Raquel has a surprised look on her face as Liv held the rope open for Raquel to return to the ring. Raquel pulls Liv out and picks her up and attempts to drive her into the ring post but Liv moves and gets off Raquel’s shoulder to ram Raquel face first into the ring post, then runs Raquel into the ring steps. Liv sets a table up outside the ring and places Raquel on the table but before Liv could get to the top rope Raquel moves off the table and rolls in the ring. Liv diverts and attempts to jump on Raquel in the ring, but Raquel swats her away then picks her up for the Chingona Bomb and gets the win.

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez

Sonya Deville arguing with Adam Pearce about getting a rematch with Charlotte Flair and he said you lost, and she says she is going to find a way to make that rematch happen.

In the back Sonya attacks Charlotte. Charlotte throws Sonya over some cases and the officials get her to stop and Sonya jumps on her again, but Charlotte turned the tables on her, and the officials finally got the fight broken up.

Another Cody Rhodes video is shown.

Sami Zayn VS. Kevin Owens

As Sami was sitting Owens up for the Helluva Kick, the Usos and Solo Sikoa came in and attacked Owens.

Winner By Disqualification: Kevin Owens

After the match The Usos and Solo continue beat down Owens, Sami stands in the ring questioning their actions. The Usos then go to Sami and say this is for you. The Usos hold Owens and Solo hits the Samoan Spike and Owens is lying on the announce table. Solo then runs and jumps onto Owens and crushes him through the table.

Joe Adams
Joe Adams
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