Smackdown! Live TV report for 06/13/2017

After two weeks away – both for good/fun reasons – I am back writing about Smackdown! Live. This Sunday is Money In The Bank, which is looking like a good card. Following the show report, I will give my predictions.

For tonight, we have a Six-Man Tag-Team lined up featuring all of the male wrestlers in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match; who will have the momentum going into the Pay-Per-View? What else will happen on the “go home” show? Read on to find out!

Tuesday Night Smackdown! Live Television Report for June 13, 2017 – “Money Hits”

Introduction: Video Promo and Welcoming

The regular Smackdown! Live opener starts and then we go live to New Orleans. Tom Phillips, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Byron Saxton greet us and run down the matches for tonight, which includes the aforementioned Six-Man and an Eight-Man Tag-Team! Also, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will go face-to-face with his Money In The Bank opponent and challenger for the WWE Championship, Randy Orton.

Arena Promo

The New Day – Kofi Kingston, Big E., and Xavier Woods – make a grand entrance with a band call The Soul Rebels. They put over New Orleans as the host of Wrestlemania 34 next year (2018) and then themselves as becoming the next Tag-Team Champions.

The current Tag-Team Champions, The Usos – Jimmy and Jey – walk out and denounce New Day’s claims until Breezeango – Tyler Breeze and Fandango – do the same. The Colons join and take sides with The Usos while Breezeango teams up with The New Day!


Match #1: Eight-Man Tag-Team – The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) (with New Day member Big E.) and Breezeango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) VS. Tag-Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) and The Colons (Primo and Epico)

Fandango and Jimmy begin, but Jimmy wants one of the New Day members. Fandango switches with Kofi, but Jimmy teases and tags in Epico, who is quickly put to the mat with a dropkick. Kofi and Xavier double-team for a near-fall, and then Fandango is back in. he leaps over Epico out of the corner and then twists him with a tilt-a-whirl running headscissors! Epico tries a sunset-flip but Fandango drops a leg on him for two!

Breeze comes in but is put into The Usos and Colons’ corner. Jey works over Tyler as does his brother, quickly switches with Primo. New Day and Fashion Police govern Primo for a bit and they clear the ring!


Primo is now dominating Breeze with a surfboard stretch and then drop-toeholds him into the middle rope. The Usos double-team with a backbreaker/legdrop combo to get two. Jey measures Tyler in the corner and runs at him with a rear-bump! Epico is back in and stall-suplexes Breeze and wears him down with a grounding-rear-chinlock. Tyler makes a comeback with a clothesline on both Primo and Epico and then makes the hot-tag to Xavier! He is whipped in the ring but flips over the top rope with a sunset into both Colons; Kofi hits his Trouble-In-Paradise spin-kick but Jimmy breaks the count. New Day are back in and plant Primo with their double-team finish, and Woods covers for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: The New Day and Breezango

Later tonight, Charlotte will wrestle Natalya.


Video Promo

John Cena is returning on July 4th to Smackdown! Live, however he is listed as a “free agent.”

Backstage Promo

A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are chatting when Sami Zayn walks up. Zayn wants to strategize about their Six-Man Tag-Team, and vows they will be victorious. He decides to go stretch while Shinsuke says “I like him.”

Backstage Promo

Dasha is with Mojo Rawley, who thanks Commissioner Shane McMahon for his opportunity at WWE Champion Jinder Mahal from last week’s Smackdown! Live. He says that his career is really just beginning but then gets a hand on his shoulder. That is of his tag-team partner, Zack Ryder, who is back. “Long Island Iced-Z” tells Mojo they have more work do in the Tag Team Division and then they both hug.

Women’s Champion Naomi makes her entrance.


Match #2: Single – Women’s Champion Naomi VS. Tamina (Non-Title)

Just before this commences, Lana dances out and watches from ringside. Naomi starts with furious forearms until Tamina headbutts her out of the corner. Tamina controls the Women’s Champion for most of this bout until Naomi trips her up off of the top turnbuckle. She ascends it and flips off with a split-legged moonsault for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Women’s Champion Naomi

Post-match, Lana enters and hits Naomi with a forearm, and then slams her to the mat with an exploder-sit-down-powerbomb! She holds up the Women’s Title and then places over the stomach of Naomi.

Up next, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal meets Randy Orton!


Arena Promo

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, with The Singh Brothers, enter the arena and ring lavishly! Jinder demands the people to “rise and show some respect.” He calls Randy Orton a “coward” and tells us that Orton’s father – “Cowboy” Bob Orton – and some of his friends, will be sitting ringside in Randy’s place of St. Louis, where the Pay-Per-View is held. He says that Orton has been “hiding” since he was “embarrassed” at Backlash when Jinder defeated him for the WWE Championship, last month.

“The Modern-Day Maharaja” then speaks to “his people” in “his language” of Punjabi. He gets a few words in among the “U.S.A.” chants and then Randy Orton’s music plays. Jinder sends the Brothers to intercept in the aisle, but Orton slides in the ring from the back and R.K.O.’s Mahal! He goes into the crowd and poses.


Locker Room Promo

Baron Corbin, United States Champion Kevin Owens, and Dolph Ziggler converse about the Six-Man Tag-Team match. They agree they don’t like each other, but can’t decide on what to do tonight. Kevin plans for them to take out Shinsuke, A.J., and Sami so they have a better chance at Money In The Bank.

Backstage Promo

Randy vows to get back the WWE Championship this Sunday at Money In The Bank.

Match #3: Single – Natalya VS. Charlotte Flair

They are even for a bit, trading holds and technical wrestling. Becky Lynch – who is also in the Women’s MITB Match – is shown watching in her locker room.


Natalya has a surfboard-stretch, which Charlotte gets out of and then they both slug away. Charlotte tries a backslide and then hits a few clotheslines. She chucks Natalya with an exploder/northern-lights suplex and then moonsaults off of the top turnbuckle for two! She goes again, but Natalya catches her with a sit-down powerbomb for a very-near-fall! (Note: Carmella and James Ellsworth are also shown scouting, as Carmella is in the Women’s MITB)

Natalya tries The Sharpshooter but Charlotte works her way out of it and soon drives Nattie to the mat with her Natural Selection (snapmare-facebuster) finisher to take this!

Winner via Pinfall: Charlotte Flair

Video Promo

We get another edition of The Fashion Files titled “Unsweet Victory.” Fandango is admiring himself in a mirror and goes to look for Tyler Breeze. He finds him in their office, which is messed up, and Breeze laid out. Fandango asks Tyler to describe who it was, and Breeze insinuates it was monsters. Fandango draws stickmen, which Breeze confirms are the culprits, and then Fandango helps him up and they walk away.


Video Promo

A montage of WWE’s humanitarian deeds in New Orleans for next year’s WrestleMania airs.

The competitors in the six-man enter the ring.


Match #4: Six-Man Tag-Team – United States Champion Kevin Owens, Baron Corbin, and Dolph Ziggler VS. Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, and A.J. Styles

Dolph and Shinsuke are wrestling and then the heels soon take over on Nakamura for a while. Shinsuke fends off Dolph and hot-tags Styles, who cleans house on Ziggler, Corbin, and Owens. Sami comes in and punches it out with Kevin, and then soars over the ropes with a swanton onto the United States Champion! In the ring, A.J. attempts his Styles Clash, but Dolph reverses into a DDT! Baron runs at Zayn in the corner, but Sami kicks him away. Corbin catches him into his Deep-Six spinning-backdrop, but Shinsuke breaks up the pin.


The bad guys are back dominating Zayn until Sami reverses Owens into a Blue Thunder Bomb! He almost gets to his corner, but Baron just hammers him to stop the tag. Sami manages to get rid of Corbin, Dolph, and Kevin, but just as he leaps for the hot-tag, Ziggler and Owens pull Shinsuke and Styles to the floor. Baron ends up in the corner and eats a Helluva Kick! Sami covers for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, and A.J. Styles

Post-match, they all brawl with a ladder and Shinsuke is the last one standing, on the ladder holding the briefcase to close the show!

End of Smackdown! Live

Reporter’s Rumblings

Money In The Bank Predictions: Charlotte to continue her legacy and win the Women’s M.I.T.B.; Usos cheat-to-win to retain the Tag-Team Championships; Lana becomes new Women’s Champion and engages in a good feud with Charlotte; WWE Champion Jinder Mahal keeps his title; Sami Zayn wins men’s M.I.T.B. and proceeds to a Summerslam rivalry with Jinder for the WWE Championship in a new and great feud!

Enjoy Money In The Bank if you’re watching it and I will be writing again next week! Until then, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online and Wrestling Fans!

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