Smackdown! Live TV report for 03/07/2017


Tuesday Night Smackdown! Live Television Report for March 7, 2017 – “A Final Decision?”

Introduction: Video Promo

A recap of Randy Orton burning down WWE Champion Bray Wyatt’s compound from last week’s Smackdown! Live airs.

Arena Promo

Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan come to the ring to discuss the man who will wrestle WWE Champion Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania. They are both split, with Daniel saying Randy Orton should get the chance since he won the Royal Rumble Match, but Shane says A.J. Styles has it after defeating Luke Harper last week and Orton giving up his shot a few weeks ago on Smackdown!.


Backstage Promo

A.J. Styles is not pleased with GM Bryan or Commissioner McMahon, but he does say that he will get the job done tonight and move on to WrestleMania.

Match #1: Mixed Tag-Team – James Ellsworth and Carmella VS. John Cena and Nikki Bella

Just before this starts, The Miz and Maryse walk out, distracting Cena and Bella. Carmella hits a kick as Miz and Maryse smile.


Carmella is in control over Nikki, while Miz and Maryse are on commentary. Bella chucks Carmella out of the ring and gets the hot-tag to John. He stares and smiles at James, who seemingly does not want to square-off with Cena. He is forced by Carmella but is quickly slammed with a spin-out backdrop. Nikki knocks down Carmella with a forearm, and then both she and John hit a Five-Knuckle Shuffle on both Carmella and Ellsworth. They then plant James and Carmella with their finishers and make them give-in to STFs!

Winners via Pinfall: John Cena and Nikki Bella

Post-match, Miz and Maryse attack Cena and Bella. Miz cuts a promo on how Nikki and John’s relationship is “fake.” He says that “real love” is not what they have since Cena does whatever Nikki says. Maryse yells at Nikki and then drops the microphone.

Later tonight, we will have Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss’ “Blissertation” about WrestleMania.

Locker Room Promo

Rene Young interviews Randy Orton about facing A.J. Styles to determine who wrestles WWE Champion Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania for the championship. He warns A.J. that if he’s willing to burn down a man’s home, then what would he do to Styles for a shot at the WWE Championship?


Match #2: Single – Curt Hawkins VS. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose (Non-Title)

Hawkins is in the ring but is super-quickly clotheslined by Ambrose! The Intercontinental Champion calls out Baron Corbin again, but “The Lone Wolf’ only appears on the Titantron, saying that he appears in person when he wants. Dean charges to the back, looking for Baron.

Winner: No Contest due to no official start

Video Promo

Women’s History is being celebrated this month, so we look back at Lita VS. Trish Stratus in the early-2000s.

Dean is still looking for Baron Corbin.


It is announced that John Cena will host The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards this Saturday.

I.C. Champion Dean Ambrose is still looking for Baron Corbin.

Backstage Promo

Mojo Rawley is with Dasha Fuentes. He declares that he will be in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Dolph Ziggler walks up and tells him he has to “earn a WrestleMania Moment,” but Rawley fires back “is that why you don’t have one.” Dolph takes another verbal-shot and walks away.

Backstage Promo

Ambrose is still searching for Baron, but finds him the hard way. Corbin snuck up on him and viciously attacks with a lead pipe. He then flattens him with a forklift vehicle until referees and other personnel scurry him away.

Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James make their way to the ring.


Arena Promo

Bliss runs down the women on Smackdown! that will not get a title shot at WrestleMania, which includes Naomi, Carmella, Natalya, and Becky Lynch.

“The Irish Lasskicker” interrupts as does Natalya. They both state their claim to wrestle for the Women’s Championship; GM Daniel Bryan interjects. He takes Bliss’ comments about her being “the best” on Smackdown! and informs her that she will be wrestling “every available woman” on Smackdown! Live at WrestleMania for the Women’s Championship. He follows this up with a Tag-Team Match between the four of the woman in the ring, right now!


Match #3: Tag-Team – Mickie James and Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss VS. Becky Lynch and Natalya

Alexa and Natalya start-out with Natalya giving Alexa a headlock-takedown.

Becky and Mickie enter and lockup. They trade holds, and Mickie works over Becky’s arm with a hammerlock. Lynch flies around after springboarding herself, but James kicks back and drags her into Bliss. The Women’s Champ controls for a bit, but Becky counters with a dragon-screw leg-twist. Alexa goes tot the outside for a break, but Lynch follows with a forearm off of the apron! She knocks Mickie to the floor, but James trips her up. Bliss takes advantage.


Mickie is back in and has a rear chinlock on Becky and then gives her a hurricanrana from the corner. she tags in Alexa who continues the domination for a bit. She and Mickie switch back-and-forth until Becky hits Bliss with a boot and backslide for two! Alexa manages to tag James back in, but Lynch hits her with a few clotheslines and a jumping calf-kick. She has her in the corner when Natalya German-suplexes her! Nattie walks away and Bliss tags in and covers for the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Mickie James and Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss

Post-match, Alexa wants to celebrate with Mickie, but James is shocked and kicks Bliss in the back-of-the-head! She places the Women’s Championship over a facedown Alexa and leaves.

Up next, the main-event #1 Contender’s Match!


A.J. Styles makes his entrance and cuts a promo. He proclaims that Smackdown! Live is “the house that A.J. Styles built,” because it was a high-rated show when he was WWE Champion. “I took a ‘B show’ and made it into ‘THE show.’” He is infuriated that he got nothing for that from GM Bryan and Commissioner McMahon while Randy Orton got a promise after his actions last week! He vows that no one will stop him from making WrestleMania “phenomenal.”

Randy Orton makes his entrance and the match is next!


Match #4: Single – A.J. Styles VS. Randy Orton

(Stipulation: #1 Contender’s Bout to the WWE Championship at WrestleMania)

A.J. goes for a forearm right away but Orton moves and tries the R.K.O.! Styles goes to the outside and then they lockup back in the ring. A.J. side-headlocks Randy but is backdropped. Styles still has the headlock clamped but is whipped off of the ropes and hit with a shoulder-block. A.J. fakes a test-of-strength and kicks Randy into the corner. He whips Orton into the opposite corner, but Randy turns it around!

“The Viper” front-suplexes Styles onto the top rope and then punches him in the corner. He tosses him with an exploder-suplex a bit later, which sends A.J. to the floor. Randy backdrops him onto the barricade, but is chopped at the knee when he entered in the ring.


Styles is focussed on Orton’s knee, stretching it out. He clutches on a rear-chinlock but Randy fights out of it. He places A.J. atop the turnbuckle, but Styles slides underneath and trips him. He drops him with a fireman’s-carry knee but can’t take this! He goes for Styles Clash but Randy dumps him over the ropes. Orton tries the Draping-DDT, but A.J. stops it and rolls Randy into the Calf-Crusher! Orton struggles but is able to get to the bottom rope for a break!

A.J. tries a Phenomenal-Forearm, but Orton pushes him and drives him to the canvas with a Draping-DDT! He goes for the R.K.O. but Styles counters with a Pele Kick! He tries another Phenomenal Forearm, but Orton sees it. A.J. stops and Randy drops to the mat! Styles goes for a springboard-450-splash, but Orton moves and Styles rolls through. Styles runs into a flapjack and R.K.O! Randy covers for the victory!

Winner and #1 Contender: Randy Orton

Post-match, Orton celebrates while A.J. sulks from the ramp to close the show.

End of Smackdown! Live.