Smackdown! Live TV report for 01/03/2017


Welcome to 2017!

Last year (week, hehe!) left off with a bang and a major match set for the upcoming Royal Rumble on January 29 – A.J. Styles defending his WWE World Championship against John Cena! As well last week, American Alpha – Jason Jordan and Chad Gable – won the Tag Team Championships; will The Wyatt Family invoke a rematch? Will new contenders step up?

Alexa Bliss was able to hold on to her Women’s Championship, thanks to La Luchadore. Who is this mysterious woman and will we find out tonight?

Intercontinental Champion The Miz continues to antagonize announcer Rene Young over her relationship with Dean Ambrose; Dean did get the upper-hand last week though when he beat-up Miz backstage. Will this lead to an I.C. Title Match at the ‘Rumble? (Probably!) Could even lead to Rene and Ambrose wrestling Miz and Maryse? (Maybe!)

All this and much more, so read on to find out what’s in store for Smackdown’s! 2017 year!

Tuesday Night Smackdown! Live Television Report for January 3, 2016 – “The Champ(s) That Runs The Camp(s).”

Introduction: Welcoming and In-Ring Promo

Mauro Ranallo greets us, and “Awesome” blares over the speakers! Intercontinental Champion The Miz and his wife Maryse strut to the ring; he will be wrestling Dean Ambrose tonight for the I.C. Championship. Miz calls he and Maryse “the ‘it’ couple,” and proposes to be more forgiving in the New Year.

Miz wants to practice this with Rene Young, as he claims she needs to apologize to him. She does not answer, and Miz threatens to delay the show until Rene obliges. He blames her for causing the Intercontinental Championship Match for being unprofessional, and alluding her influencing her co-host on Talking Smack!, Smackdown! General Manager Daniel Bryan.

Instead of Rene, Miz gets a response from Dean Ambrose! He marches out, but Miz exits the ring and leaves Maryse in. She slaps Ambrose and then they walk away. “The Lunatic Fringe” tells Miz that Maryse “hits harder than you do!”

Later tonight, a contract signing for the WWE World Championship Match between Champion A.J. Styles and Challenger John Cena at the Royal Rumble will happen; GM Bryan will adjudicate.

Up next, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler will wrestle!


Match #1: Single – Baron Corbin VS. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph ducks a clotheslines and slugs away with fists. He leaps but Corbin catches him; Ziggler hops out and tries a Superkick, but Baron catches Dolph’s leg. Ziggler goes for a dropkick, but Corbin fends him off and stomps away. He knees Dolph in the gut and presses on his face with his foot against the bottom rope. Dolph battles back but is hit with a hard elbow as he ran off of the ropes. Baron goes back to pressing on Ziggler’s head with his foot. He hits Dolph to the floor, and then runs him into the ring apron.

They go back into the ring where Corbin continues, but is elbowed and kicked out of the corner as he ran. Dolph avoids another run and Baron slides out-and-in of the ring but runs into another dropkick. He goes to the outside and glares for a break.


“The Lone Wolf” is back in control, fore-arming Dolph as “The Show-Off” leaped off of the second rope from the corner. 1 – 2 – Dolph just raises his shoulder! This gives Ziggler momentum, as he headbutts Baron into the corner and splashes him! He brings Corbin to the mat with a neckbreaker and then lands a jumping elbow-drop for two!

Dolph goes for The Famouser, but Baron hurls him off and hits a hard-clothesline for a very near-fall! Both struggle to get up and then Corbin shoves Ziggler into the corner; he follows with a run but eats the ring post shoulder-first! Dolph capitalizes with The Famouser! 1 – 2 – Baron kicks out! He tries his Leaping-DDT but Corbin tosses him away; Dolph comes back with a Zig-Zag! 1 – 2 – Corbin just lifts his shoulder! Ziggler runs in the corner but is caught and planted with The End of Days (Swinging Flatliner). Baron covers and receives the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Baron Corbin

Post-match, Corbin grabs a chair but is stopped by Kalisto who runs out and is fired up. Baron escapes as the “Lucha Dragon” eggs him on. Dolph gets to his feet and superkicks Kalisto! He yells at him repeatedly “I don’t need you; I don’t need anybody!” Ziggler storms up the aisle.


Backstage Promo

Carmella is approached by James Ellsworth; he is sweet on Carmella but can’t get his words out properly. He hands her his t-shirt and then she invites him to be at ringside for her upcoming match.

Locker Room Promo

Dolph erupts into a locker room where Rhyno, Mojo Rawley, and Apollo Crews are. Ziggler starts tearing apart the place until Apollo tries to settle him. Dolph doesn’t want to hear it and they end up in a brawl until Rhyno and Mojo are able to pull Crews away.

Becky Lynch makes her entrance and will be wrestling La Luchadora next!


Match #2: Single – Becky Lynch VS. La Luchadora

Becky dominates this bout until La slides under the ring and re-enters on the opposite area. She puts Lynch to the mat and then dives off of the top turnbuckle with a twisting-splash, which is Alexa Bliss’ finisher! She does miss, however, and Becky locks on her Disarmer submission, forcing Luchadora to tap-out!

Winner via Submission: Becky Lynch

Post-match, Lynch tears off La’s mask, and it really is Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss! However, another La Luchadora enters to distract Becky, and Alexa takes advantage to drive Lynch to the canvas with a DDT! Bliss and Luchadora leave together.

Up next, the WWE World Championship contract signing!


In-Ring Promo

General Manager Daniel Bryan introduces the competitors for the WWE World Championship Match at Royal Rumble. John Cena is out first, and then WWE World Champion A.J. Styles. “The Phenomenal One” questions Daniel on why this is happening; he says that Cena is not like either of them because he’s gone away for four months while they would always be there and work. Bryan says he gets that point, but wants A.J. to understand the business part. Smackdown! defeated Raw in the ratings last week for the first time ever, and that was thanks to Cena and Styles! He wants this to carry on, and that is why he booked “the biggest match possible; the match that everybody talked about and the match that everybody’s gonna talk about – A.J. Styles VS. John Cena.”

Daniel questions why Styles is “worried” since he has pinned John in three matches in 2016; he wishes them luck and leaves. A.J. takes over and accuses Cena of getting the match because Bryan is “basically your brother-in-law.” Styles rubs it in John’s face that last year, Cena was telling A.J. he needed to get a big win, and now it’s A.J. doing the reverse.

“The Champ That Runs The Camp” says that Smackdown! can go on minus the former “Dr. Of Thuganomics,” and then rips on Cena for being a “has-been.” He tells John that he “will never be as good as The Rock” in movies, and “will never be as good as A.J. Styles” in the squared-circle. A.J. signs the contract and then Cena retorts.

“You’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life – you’ve pissed-off John Cena.” // “Well you pushed me A.J.; allow me to push back. I just lost all respect for you, and think you’re nothing but a punk-little-bitch! And you want to know why? Why everybody’s talking about John Cena VS. A.J. Styles at the Royal Rumble? Because everybody that has ever despised me actually believes that you are the guy to replace me. But deep, deep in the back of their mind they know I’ve made a career of shutting people’s mouths. And when they yap really loud, I just make them eat their words. So congratulations A.J. Styles; you finally had the courage to bull-up to John Cena. I’m about to make you feel as stupid as you look.

You say I’ve got no love for this place; you say I left it ‘high-and-dry;’ you say I’ve got no passion. I destroyed my shoulder, they said I’d be out for a year, I was back in four months; that’s passion. You, you only go where they tell you to go; I go so hard they tell me to stop; that’s passion. Every night, you walk down this ramp, you walk down the ramp because you have to. I walk down this ramp every night because I want to; that’s passion. And the reason chumps like you say ‘I’m going Hollywood’ ‘cause anybody else in my shoes woulda already gone but I’m … still … here ….; and that’s passion!

So now you’ve signed the contract, and it’s one signature from being official; A.J. Styles versus John Cena at the Royal Rumble. I need this match, you need this match, they need this match. ‘cause this is more, this is more than just you or me. Because you’re no different that any other person who’s ever said ‘Cena sucks’ or tried to knock me off. They chant ‘Cena sucks,’ they chant ‘has-been,’ they step-up to do their best, but realize, on their best day, they could never … beat … me. So here’s what you do. At the Royal Rumble, you bring your family, you bring your friends, you bring the noise, you bring your A-game, and I’m still gonna kick your ass and take that championship. Why? ‘Cus I’m John Cena. Recognize!” Cena puts pen-to-paper!

Unexpectedly, Baron Corbin saunters out and faces them to say that he will be in the Royal Rumble Match to win it, and declares that he will be WWE World Champion after WrestleMania, whether he faces Cena or Styles. Cena is fine with that, and even wants to go at it now with Baron, which “The Lone Wolf” fiercely accepts, but he is quickly hit in the back-of-the-head with an enziguri-kick by Styles! The WWE World Champion walks away and Corbin stands over a knocked-down John. “Maybe A.J.’s right, ‘your time is up!’”

Backstage Promo

Rene Young is walking through the hall when Maryse meets her. “On behalf of my husband,” she then slaps Young hard enough to knock her down. “Don’t you EVER touch my husband again.”


Match #3: Single – Aliyah VS. Carmella (with James Ellsworth)

Aliyah turns a headlock from Carmella around to begin and then snapmares her, but Carmella lands on her feet! Aliyah jackknife-covers but only gets one. She tries a roll-from-behind, but Carmella gets out of it and then mount-punches on the mat. She rips at Aliyah and then hits her with a Bronco Buster in the corner for a two-count! Carmella clamps on a grounding rear-chinlock, but Aliyah elbows out. She follows with a jawbreaker and Northern-Lights suplex, getting a near-fall!

Aliyah shoves Carmella into the corner and then runs into her. She climbs to the middle rope, but James pulls her off, saying “you shouldn’t be up there.” Carmella takes advantage with a superkick, and then drop-toe-holds into her “Code of Silence” leg-scissors headlock, making Aliyah give-in!

Winner via Submission: Carmella (with James Ellsworth)

Later tonight, the I.C. Title is on the line, but after the break, new Tag Team Champions American Alpha will be wrestling!


Match #4: Tag Team – Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) VS. Tag-Team Champions American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable) (Non-Title)

Tyler hands Chad a fashion ticket to start, but gets a t-bone suplex in response! He tags in Jordan who runs at Fandango, and then they both finish Breezango with their Grand Amplitude finisher for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: American Alpha

Post-match, The Wyatt Family appear on the screen. Bray prophesizes that “nothing lasts forever,” and that while Jordan and Gable thought they have split The Family, they are stronger and will prove that next week when the two teams have a rematch for the Tag-Team Championships.

Up next, Nikki and Natalya will have a chat.


In-Ring Promo

Nikki Bella and Natalya hash it out over how they both got to where they are. Nikki accuses Natalya of using her family’s status while Natalya says that it was because of John Cena – Nikki’s real-life boyfriend – that she got as far as she has. Nikki slugs her with a forearm and walks away.

Backstage Promo

Dasha interviews Dean Ambrose about his “mindset” for his Intercontinental Championship Match. “I’m going to take away the most-important thing in the world to The Miz, and it’s not is wife. It’s the Intercontinental Championship.”

Dean’s music plays and he trudges to the ring before the break.


Video Promo

Jack Gallagher promotes himself and 205 Live, which airs on the WWE Network after Smackdown!.

It is announced that Nikki Bella and Natalya will wrestle, the Tag-Team Championship rematch is official, and Baron Corbin and John Cena will go one-on-one next week on Smackdown!!

Match #5: Single for the Intercontinental Champion – Dean Ambrose (Challenger) VS. The Miz (Champion) (with Maryse)

Dean chases Miz around the ring, and then unleashes furry punches and chops! He hops over the Champ in the corner and tries his DDT finisher, but Miz escapes to the outside. Ambrose has to run after Miz again, while Miz plays games. Dean kicks Miz and throws him out of the ring and over the timekeeper’s barricade! He crotches Miz on that barrier, and then runs at him with a forearm! He rolls Miz into the ring and coves but Miz kicks out quickly. “The Lunatic Fringe” hurls “The A-Lister” over the announcer’s table, but Miz hits back with a dropkick after Maryse distracts.


Miz runs at Dean in the ring, but is tossed over to the floor; Ambrose follows with a diving elbow! He hits a clothesline in the ring and goes for a bulldog out of the corner, but Miz tosses him away. He slams Dean’s left leg on his shoulder and tries the Figure-4, but Ambrose gets away from that and a Skull-Krushing Finale.

Dean goes to the top turnbuckle but Miz cuts him off. He meets at the top but can’t suplex Ambrose. instead, Dean headbutts him and jumps, but Miz avoids and plants with the Skull-Krushing Finale! 1 – 2 – Ambrose just raises his shoulder! Miz hits numerous kicks on Dean’s chest ala Daniel Bryan, but misses the final one and Ambrose capitalizes with a clothesline!

Dean tries Dirty Deeds but Miz slides out; Ambrose follows with a clothesline and a tope-suicida! Maryse marches right up to Dean and slaps him in front of the referee. He just about calls for the bell and a disqualification, but Ambrose convinces Referee Andrew to not and instead make her go to the back. He listens, but as he is ejecting Maryse, Miz hits Dean with the I.C. Title and covers! 1 – 2 – Ambrose just lifts his shoulder!

Miz grabs Dean for another Skull-Krushing, but Ambrose reverse into Dirty Deeds! He covers and receives the victory!

Winner via Pinfall and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

Post-match, Dean celebrates in the ring and on the commentary table to close the show.

End of Smackdown! Live.

Reporter’s Rumblings

I’m back/writing again! For the last while, I’ve been too tired or not much time to give my opinions, but I thought I’d start again and make much more of an effort with the New Year. I’m glad I picked this episode (although last week/year [hehe!] would’ve been great too!). I will continue with my “Excellent” and “Bogus” category, paying homage to my favorite movies of all-time, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Excellence: promos by Miz, Cena, A.J., Baron, Dolph, Nikki, and Jack Gallagher. Matches between Corbin/Dolph, Aliyah/Carmella, and Miz/Ambrose.

Love Dolph’s turn, and while it seems we’ve seen it before in a different way, I think he can be a cross heel-face. Alexa Bliss is fantastic and is the best woman, both wrestling and mike-skills, other than Charlotte. She needs to/can “run with the ball” a long while; the same with The Miz. Glad American Alpha have the titles too/getting some love.

Cena and A.J.’s promo was “phenomenal” (pun semi-intended!); and I’m really liking this new attitude John has. So looking forward to their Royal Rumble match.

Bogus: promos by Baron Corbin (timing) and Nikki/Natalya. Matches between American Alpha/Breezango.

With the timing comment, I feel that Corbin’s promo should’ve been saved for next week. Cena/A.J. finish hot and I felt Baron ruined the epic-ness of it. I’m fine with Baron as he’s finally getting a bit of a better personality, but I think it would’ve been more effective if he declared that next week.

The match between Alpha/Breezango wasn’t bad, and I understand the purpose of them squashing, but I would’ve preferred Jordan and Gable to cut a promo on them winning the titles instead. I also think that The Wyatts should be challenging at Royal Rumble, and build the feud more on Smackdown!

I didn’t like Aliyah on Smackdown! just yet; she needed to be promo’ed and brought up later in the year. (Thankfully, she did have a decent-showing with Carmella, though.)

DO NOT CARE/DO NOT LIKE Nikki and Natalya’s feud. However, I actually do agree with Nikki about Natalya. Really distasteful/unnecessary comment about Bret Hart by Natalya regarding his tweet with about Nikki; really which they hadn’t insinuated the sexuality of that.

All-in-all, a great edition again of Smackdown!, and I can honestly say, I do love it so much more than Raw. Smackdown! is a bigger version of NXT – straight storylines, straight/passionate matches (for the most part), mostly making sense, and just plain good! Let’s hope they continue through 2017!

Until next week on Smackdown! (I am no longer writing for Raw, due to how long the show is and how tired I had gotten the near the end of 2016), Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Fans! I wish you and your Family Best-Wishes for 2017!