Sky Sports to air a day full of WWE specials on December 27


On December 27, Sky Sports in the United Kingdom will have a full day filled with WWE specials airing on Sky Sports Mix beginning at 8AM and ending at Midnight.

Kicking off the day will be The Destruction of The Shield, followed by Sting: Into the Light at 9AM. At 10AM the Warrior special Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe will air. The Jerry Lawler Story airs at 11AM and another replay of The Shield documentary follows at Noon.

At 1PM, Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes! hits the screen. From 2PM to 4PM, there will be the Owen: Hart of Gold documentary and at 4PM The John Cena Experience. The Road Is Jericho plays at 5PM and the third replay of The Destruction of The Shield airs at 6PM.

Another replay of Daniel Bryan’s doc airs at 7PM, followed by Once In a Lifetime: The Rock vs John Cena at 8PM. The second showing of the Jericho documentary airs at 9PM. Monday Night Wars: Shots Fired starts at 10PM and finally, closing this full day of WWE special will be The Kliq Rules at 11PM.