Shelton Benjamin signs new WWE deal


Former WWE Tag Team and Intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin has revealed on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast that he has signed a new multi-year deal with WWE despite not having the most TV time lately.

He said it’s just frustrating that he’s not doing what he loves to do, which is performing and producing. “Lately I haven’t been doing much as far as on-air with WWE. And for me, it’s just frustrating,” Benjamin said.

The 44-year-old explained that he’s there every week and ready to go but not doing anything isn’t really fulfilling for him and he feels like he’s not even in the hunt for something. “That frustrates me on a very personal level.”

Benjamin was last seen at the Royal Rumble and had a “good time” with his former Minnesota wrestling tag team partner Brock Lesnar. Eventually Lesnar god rid of Benjamin, eliminating him from the match.

WWE has been offering multi-year contracts with a lot of money to Superstars whose deals are expiring in a bid to keep them from going to All Elite Wrestling.