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Shayna Baszler volunteers to take a stinkface from Rhea Ripley at live event!


On Saturday night at a non-televised live event in Springfield, Illinois, Rhea Ripley made headlines after she gave Nia Jax the stinkface.

Videos of Ripley shoving her ass in Jax’s face made the rounds online in a spot which had everyone in the arena laughing.

Yesterday at the live event in Rockford, Illinois, the same triple threat match also involving Shayna Baszler took place. This time, Rhea didn’t do the same thing that she did the night before, but in one of the most hilarious moments of the night, Shayna Baszler decided to volunteer herself to be on the receiving end of Ripley’s ass by going in the corner, and closing her eyes as she waited…and waited.

Unfortunately, Nia Jax spoiled the party and took down Ripley but as Baszler waited patiently with her eyes closed, Jax took the opportunity and gave Baszler the stinkface herself.

Baszler was happy at first…until she then opened her eyes and realized she was deep into Jax’s crack and not Ripley’s. Baszler acted like she was going to vomit as fans laughed and cheered.

Also, at one point when Jax was recovering outside, she noticed one fan eating popcorn in front row and decided to have some herself, with the fan feeding her popcorn!

The beauty of non-televised live events!

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