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Shawn Michaels faces the media with questions about allegations and Vince McMahon


Shawn Michaels had to face the wrestling media today ahead of NXT’s Vengeance Day premium live event where several of the questions were regarding the Vince McMahon allegations and the recent lawsuit.

Michaels admitted that it is an incredibly sad situation and it sucks but they take it very seriously and everyone in NXT is aware of the situation and understands it.

He noted that it’s important that everyone coming through those WWE Performance Center doors tell them the truth and can ask for help.

“I take all of the youth that come through here incredibly seriously because this is a tough line of work, regardless of what’s going on,” Michaels said. “Leaving home and coming here and pursuing your dreams is a big thing that we take incredibly seriously and we understand that young men and women that come through our doors are impressionable.”

Michaels added that coming off the Rumble weekend and going into this weekend with Vengeance Day, the talent are excited about the future and while it’s a tough situation with what happened, from a talent standpoint, everyone is ready to go forward.

Asked if there are any policies in place to prevent sexual harassment and anything like that, Michaels said that those policies have been updated in 2022 and they will be looking to improving them.

“We have numerous people on our medical team for outreach to go to outside of the Performance Center. We do understand that I can look at a talent and my head writer and my coaches, as they do, we can tell them to tell us the truth or express to us what’s going on,” HBK continued. “But as you know, they may not feel comfortable doing that, so we also provide help outside of here as well and have people that we can work with to get them in a complete objective environment that isn’t associated with the WWE or NXT in that respect.”

Michaels was also asked about the past allegations by Brutus Beefcake where he said that Shawn and Marty Jannetty used to drug women and take advantage of them afterward. Michaels completely denied the accusations and said that never happened and anything that he did in the past was always consensual.

Before signing off the 44-minute media call, Michaels said that this was the toughest one he’s ever done but understood that the media had a job to do and had to ask the questions. Michaels added that he was not trained for this and hoped his answers were sufficient.

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