Shane McMahon issues WrestleMania challenge to AJ Styles


Things got ugly between AJ Styles and Shane McMahon last night on Smackdown but before the show faded to black, we got another match set for WrestleMania.

Styles, who waited for Shane in the back throughout the show, ambushed him as soon as he rolled into the arena. Styles then proceeded to beat up Shane pretty bad before throwing him through the car window, cutting his head open. Fit Finlay and Renee Young came to the rescue of Shane and Styles walked away.

In a subsequent backstage segment, Styles challenged Bryan to fire him, and Bryan did just that and Styles was escorted out of the building by police. Before the night was over though, Shane McMahon came out on stage and told Styles that he just got himself a WrestleMania opponent.

This will be Shane’s second WrestleMania match since his return to the WWE. His first one was an epic Hell In A Cell match against The Undertaker last year. This is also AJ Styles’ second WrestleMania match, his first was last year against Chris Jericho.