Shane McMahon involved in helicopter crash


Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon was involved in a helicopter crash today off of Gilgo Beach in New York.

The Robinson R 44 helicopter, registered to Awesome Flight LLC of White Plains, landed on its pontoon skids just before 10:30 Wednesday morning according to the FAA and the pilot crash landed the copter in the water. Shane McMahon was the only passenger.

NYPD Aviation and SCUBA units along with emergency responders rushed to the crash site to pick the two up from the water. According to ABC7, both were wearing life jackets and were miraculously uninjured.

The helicopter departed Westchester County Airport on Wednesday morning and a commercial flight heading to Kennedy Airport heard the mayday call. The info was relayed to controllers at the FAA radar facility in Westbury.

A video of the news report can be seen below.