Shane McMahon being trained by Muay Thai expert Phil Nurse


In preparing for perhaps his biggest wrestling match of his life, Shane McMahon enlisted the help of Phil Nurse, a legend in the Muay Thai world.

Nurse, who is 52, is a  a European Light Welterweight Champion, Double British Champion, and British All Styles Super Light Welterweight Champion in Muay Thai and holds a record of 36-3 in the kickboxing sport and 14-3 in boxing.

He currently owns The Wat gym in Manhattan where he is the senior instructor. Nurse received the title of Ajam from Muay Thai Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute in May of last year.

Nurse is best known for being former MMA champion Georges St-Pierre’s striking coach.

Shane has been posting videos of him training at Nurse’s gym leading up to WrestleMania.