Seth Rollins thanks Roman Reigns during final pinfall at WrestleMania


Winning the WWE World Heavyweight title is a pretty big deal. Winning it in the main event of WrestleMania is an even bigger deal. Seth Rollins, a 12 year veteran who spent most of his time in the independents, got his Daniel Bryan moment last night at WrestleMania…and he wasn’t even part of the main event!

Despite playing the big heel on WWE television, Rollins showed his appreciation and gratitude to his former partner of The Shield, Roman Reigns, during the show.

After delivering the final Curb Stomp to Reigns, Rollins went for the cover, and said, “Thank you so much,” to Reigns, who did the job for him on the biggest stage of them all. Reigns was expected to win the title after a three month build but WWE changed plans, giving “The Architect” the WWE title instead.

If you watch back the show and fast forward to 3:56:50 and listen closely, preferably on a set of headphones, you will easily hear Rollins thanking Reigns in the middle of the ring before the 3 count hits.