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Seth Rollins’ nude photo leaks online in apparent hack


Seth Rollins’ Twitter and Instagram turned X rated last night just before Raw went on the air as nude photos of his ex-girlfriend were mysteriously posted on his account and then his current girlfriend posted a nude photo of Rollins himself as payback.

Rollins’ Instagram first posted a nude photo of Zahra Schrieber, an NXT talent that he dated in the past with a smiley and two hearts emoticon and her full name in the description. His current girlfriend – Leighla Schultz – then allegedly posted a nude photo of Rollins on her Twitter account in retaliation.

The photos were both removed later and Rollins issued a statement on his Twitter saying, “I would like to apologize to all the WWE fans and my family and friends for private photographs that were distributed without my consent.”

Both accounts were apparently hacked although it still remains a big embarrassment for Rollins whose nude photo is now forever stored on the Internet, because you know, once it’s online, it never goes away!

The story – including the uncensored photos – made it to some mainstream media websites as well. Deadspin.com is carrying the uncensored photos at http://deadspin.com/lets-all-look-at-seth-rollinss-dong-nsfw-1684849435