Seth Rollins appears on NBC’s TODAY Show as the new WWE champion


The new WWE World Heavyweight champion, Seth Rollins, made his first talk show appearance as the top man in WWE today, appearing on NBC’s TODAY show at 9:30AM with Al Roker, Willie Geist, and Tamron Hall.

Rollins’ video from last night played and then Rollins walked in with the WWE title on his shoulder. He said he won the Money In The Bank contract around 9 months ago and now he’s the real WWE World Heavyweight champion. Rollins explained how the Money In The Bank contract works and then, one of the hosts, Willie Geist, told Rollins that a champion should win it fair and square not as he did.

Rollins asked Geist, who is a big WWE fan, if he’s challenging him right there and said that he cashed his deal fair and square and beat both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

A video then played with Geist’s face on Hogan’s body as he ripped off his shirt, Al Roker’s face on top of The Rock’s as he did his corner pose, and Tamron Hall’s face was superimposed on Naomi’s body.

Rollins then plugged Monday Night Raw tonight to end the segment before Roker tried to get out of the “ring” that they set up and nearly fell on his face by getting tangled in the ropes. Oops!

Rollins traveled to New York early this morning and now travels back to San Jose. The whole segment lasted around 3 minutes. Rollins noted on Twitter that being the champion “isn’t half bad” as he’s traveling to New York City on a private jet.

You can see the video below.