Ronda Rousey wrote her own promo for Monday Night Raw segment with Bellas


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer is reporting that the promo that Ronda Rousey cut on the Bella Twins this past Monday on Raw was written by herself with no help from WWE writers.

The creative team only changed one part as Rousey wanted to call the Bellas “do-nothing bitches” but the term was changed to “do-nothing Bellas” to keep it family friendly. Rousey used that term before a few years ago when she was having a spat with UFC’s Arianny Celeste and it’s how she really feels on those who solely rely on their looks rather than talent.

The promo was well-received and got a few pops from the crowd including the big zinger about the only door that Nikki broke down was the one at John Cena’s bedroom. The second part of that zinger when she said that the same door is the one Cena kicked her out from got an equally big pop as well.

When Ronda Rousey came into the WWE, Nikki was vocal about her stealing the spotlight immediately even though Nikki was not wrestling at the time. The three though have largely got along backstage and there’s no real heat between the two. Their rivalry and war of words will however make their Evolution match and the fallout more interesting.