Ronda Rousey undergoing surgery for broken hand next week is reporting that former Raw Women’s champion Ronda Rousey will be undergoing surgery to repair her broken hand in two days on Tuesday.

Rousey broke her hand on Sunday at WrestleMania during the triple threat main event match where she eventually lost the title after getting pinned for the first time in her WWE career. Lynch, who won the historic main event, joked on Twitter that Rousey broke her hand throwing punches at a face that she said a few months ago was easily breakable.

Ronda was at Raw on Monday night backstage with the rest of her peers but didn’t appear on camera. Rousey was planning on taking a sabbatical from the ring following WrestleMania anyway and it’s not known when she will be back. She signed a multi-year deal with WWE when she arrived last year and she just elapsed her first year as a full-time WWE performer.