Ronda Rousey given storyline suspension over Raw actions


Ronda Rousey was given a suspension as part of an angle which played out last night on Monday Night Raw.

Rousey interrupted the Alexa Bliss championship celebration at the start of the show and then beat up Kurt Angle, several referees, and threw Bliss through a table as a revenge for what happened at Money In The Bank on Sunday.

The 30-day storyline suspension means that Rousey will not be part of the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

“Kurt Angle, I sincerely apologize for my behavior tonight…. Though you were the first to put hands on me, I shouldn’t have let my temper get the best of me,” Rousey wrote on Instagram.

“I’ll gladly serve my suspension … but Alexa, know that every moment you don’t see me I am thinking of you and preparing for your comeuppance. See you in 30 days,” Rousey added, referring to Bliss as “Little Miss Bish.”