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Roman Reigns wants Ronda Rousey to join The Shield


Today, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, replied to a message that Roman Reigns sent on Twitter a few days ago which got the champ all excited!

Reigns was answering a question on Twitter when he said that The Shield needs a new member, possibly a female. “THE female,” Reigns wrote, adding that would be Ronda Rousey and she would be a good fit.

Rousey didn’t notice the tweet until today – two days after Reigns posted the message and asked herself how didn’t she see it till now, adding the hashtag #thisisawesome.

Reigns quickly replied telling her that he’ll get her a vest and they can start tearing the world apart.

“Btw I fan-girled out on that @WWERomanReigns tweet so bad I screwed up like 5 times lol,” wrote Rousey.

Rousey is a huge WWE fan and took her nickname of “Rowdy” from the one and only Roddy Piper. She is part of the “Four Horsewomen” with fellow MMA fighters and wrestling fans Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke, all of who live and train together. They often post videos on Instagram practicing wrestling moves and working a match while training.