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Roman Reigns on match vs The Rock: “If it works out, then I’m ready!”


The Undisputed WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns did a one hour-plus interview with Logan Paul for his IMPAULSIVE YouTube show.

Topics discussed include Paul’s WWE debut, battling Leukemia, dealing with WWE fans, John Cena, having five kids, toughest guys in WWE, Paul Heyman, The Usos, and obviously, The Rock.

Asked if he will be finally wrestling his cousin at WrestleMania, Reigns said, “They keep trying. Everybody keeps trying on this one. I don’t book the show, bro! I’m up for anybody.”

WWE is actively trying to get The Rock to commit a few months for one more match and WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles seems to be the perfect place to do it.

But Reigns doesn’t know if it will happen, but, “If it works out, then I’m ready!”

The Tribal Chief was totally out of character in this interview and looked like he enjoyed the banter with the hosts.

Meanwhile, Paul said he is also ready to face Roman Reigns in his third WWE match.

“You put me against Roman Reigns right now, I think I would win. Me vs. Roman Reigns one-on-one, that’s my match,” he said.

Paul noted how his second boxing match was against Floyd Mayweather and mentioned his outing at SummerSlam and how well he did.

“I can feel the dog coming out in me. Like when I watch him on TV and in the ring, I just wanna f*cking wrestle the guy,” he added.