Roman Reigns is favorite in online betting for Fastlane win


Roman Reigns is the favorite among online bookmakers to win the triple treat match tonight with odds at 1/6 in his favor, with Dean Ambrose second at 5/1 and Brock Lesnar a distant 9/1.

In the title matches, Charlotte is at 2/9 to retain against Brie Bella who is at 3/1. Kevin Owens stands at 1/5 against Dolph Ziggler who is at 100/30. Kalisto is at 1/3 to keep his title against Alberto Del Rio who is at 9/4.

Other non-title matches see AJ Styles at 1/7 to win against Jericho who is at 4/1, Sasha and Becky at 1/9 with Team B.A.D. at 5/1, and the Wyatts favorite at 1/5 against the trio of Show, Ryback, and Kane who are at 100/30.

The odds will most likely change once smart money comes in later in the day.