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Roman Reigns breaks another WWE title reign record


Records are there to be broken, and despite his lack of title challenges, Roman Reigns continues to break those records for WWE much to the annoyance of the majority of wrestling fans.

Roman Reigns has now surpassed Bruno Sammartino’s second reign in terms of days as champion, with Reigns now at 1,238 days and counting, one more than Sammartino, a reign which ended on April 30, 1977 at the hands of “Superstar” Billy Graham.

Sammartino still leads overall in his two reigns as the longest reigning WWE champion ever with 4,040 days combined.

The next records in sight are at 1,470 days, which is the one held by Bob Backlund, and 1,474, which is held by Hulk Hogan. To reach that, Roman has to survive at least until September with the title.

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