Roman Reigns appears on ESPN’s SportsCenter WWE segment


The new WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter last night with Jonathan Coachman, as ESPN resumed its WWE segment after a two week hiatus.

Reigns said that he had a crazy year that started at the Royal Rumble in Philly where things didn’t go according to plan but had to deal with the fans’ reaction. He said it was a wild ride but he’s happy that it had such an ending, winning the title at the same place where fans rejected him 12 months ago.

Clips of Reigns beating the hell out of Triple H from the TLC pay-per-view aired as well as him winning the title on Raw and said that he was kept away from the title for too long.

Coach discussed Reigns’ family and how his cousins are The Rock, The Usos, and other members of his family all wrestled, including his father. The new champ went over how it was growing up with so many cousins, competing with them at everything at home.

You can see the interview below.