Roman Reigns and Charlotte appear on NBC’s TODAY show


WWE champions Roman Reigns and Charlotte appeared on NBC’s TODAY show this morning in New York, flying all the way from Dallas overnight on a private jet.

“How did you recover so quickly?” the host asked Charlotte as she made her way in. “Make-up,” Charlotte responded getting a few laughs with her honest answer. She said she hasn’t had a moment yet to soak it all in.

Reigns said that that the WWE fans have been great and everywhere he went in Dallas he saw fans in t-shirts as they took over the city. The discussion turned to last night’s show and the 100,000+ fans in the building and how loud it was especially for the women’s match. Reigns mentioned the celebrities that were at WrestleMania and how the show is the biggest live event in the world and all the A-listers want to come.

When asked how she defeated two opponents, Charlotte said that she learned a trick or two from her dad, the dirtiest player in the game. She called Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch the best in the game, at which point Reigns turned around and asked, “Aren’t you the best in the game?”

Charlotte said that the Divas term is now retired and they’re all Superstars including matching titles. Reigns said he didn’t need anyone to tell him that the women were Superstars as well as they do everything the men do on a daily basis.

Reigns then said he’s going the defend the title and doesn’t care against who. He looks at the camera and said, “Hey John Cena, the champ is here!” The hosts told Reigns that Cena is a frequent co-host of the TODAY show and said that this is Cena’s house, a statement that Reigns replied with, “Not if I’m in it!” As the hosts laughed and oooh’d, Reigns added another parting shot to Cena. “I’m about to go in your fridge and eat your food!”

To end the interview, the two hosts were presented with replica WWE World Heavyweight and Women title belts. Charlotte and Reigns flew back to Dallas right after the show was over to prepare for Raw tonight.

You can watch the interview below.