Road Warrior Animal discusses The Ascension’s promo from Raw


After many people took offense at The Ascension’s promo on Monday Night Raw where they knocked on the Legion of Doom, particularly the late Hawk, the other half of the Road Warriors, Joe Laurinaitis, seemed to be okay with it and explained his reasoning on his Facebook page.

“When we started we tore up the Funks and Briscoes. It has to be done, they need to get on Hawk and I or it means nothing,” the man known as Animal wrote. He admitted that he didn’t hear the promo nor does he want to hear it however.

“They will have a hard time getting over they way it is, if slamming the Road Warriors helps them then great,” he added. He said that the only thing missing is common respect.

“Nothing else needs to be said. No biggie. Oh What a Rush!”