Referee Chad Patton was unaware of Taker/Lesnar real finish


The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the referee of the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar match, Chad Patton, was not given the real finish of the match and before the show he was told that Undertaker would win to keep the secrecy of the actual finish.

Referees have a certain rule in the ring that if someone fails to kick out at two even though he or she is supposed to, the referee has to make the three count as if it was the proper finish so it doesn’t look bad to people watching on TV and those in the arena.

There have been occasions way in the past where a referee stops at almost three count and the wrestler being pinned kicks out way late, which obviously looks very unprofessional.

Only a handful of people knew about the actual finish of the match and the result was not written on the script says The Observer to prevent the outcome being leaked.

One way or another it did leak at least to betting companies as while Lesnar was a long shot to win originally, a lot of bets and money came in late on him which pushed betting companies to adjust the odds to prevent heavy losses.