Raw Superstars film a hilarious Mother’s Day video


The WWE Superstars on the Raw roster filmed a fun Mother’s Day video for their mothers backstage at the Malaga, Spain, non-televised live event.

The video starts with Titus O’Neil rounding up the troops telling them that he needs their help to film a Mother’s Day video for his mom. Kevin Owens took offense to that and asked why it’s Titus’ mom, and not his mom? As everyone starts complaining, Elias comes in to save the day, telling everyone that he can sing a song for all their moms.

But Braun Strowman had another idea and barged in while Kevin Owens exited from the back door, slamming it shut and scaring the holy hell out of everyone with the loud bang. Strowman said they should do the video for all the mothers out there, something which everyone agreed to.

Then Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy come in, who did the “Wonderful” line with the rest of the team and then they were joined by Bobby Roode for the “Glorious” line.

Pretty funny video. You can check it out below.