Raw rating for 08/22/2016


The post-SummerSlam Monday Night Raw did only 3,315,000 viewers and while it’s better than the past two weeks when faced against the Olympics, it’s only 1,000 viewers more than the August 1 episode. The show had 400,000 more viewers than last week.

Hour one did 3,462,000 viewers, followed by 3,370,000 viewers in the second hour, and then down to 3,113,000 in the third and final hour. The show lost 349,000 viewers from hour one to hour three. The post-SummerSlam Raw last year had 3.7 million viewers. Raw was #1, #2, and #3 in the ratings chart based on the 18-49 demographic however Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes, and The O’Reilly Factor all pulled in more viewers than Raw. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)