R-Truth sneaks in Maverick’s hotel room and regains the 24/7 title!


Drake Maverick’s honeymoon isn’t going too well as R-Truth showed up in his hotel room hidden in a cart pushed by a WWE referee dressed as a hotel employee to claim back his 24/7 title!

Maverick, who won the title from R-Truth backstage at Raw before he left for his honeymoon, has been posting photos and videos online of himself, his wife, and the title always prominently displayed, most of the time covering his wife’s face.

But last night on Raw, the reign came to an end. His wife Renee Michelle ordered champagne and delivering the goods was WWE referee Darrick Moore. As Maverick – with no clothes and the 24/7 title wrapped around his waist – went to get it, he realized who the man was…and Moore pulled a Superman and removed the hotel uniform to reveal a referee shirt underneath.

Maverick went crazy, looking under the bed and mattress to see who is hiding where but Truth came out from underneath the cart and rolled Maverick. The champ kicked out at two but a flying body cross on the bed later, Truth pinned the man formerly known as Rockstar Spud while his wife, in bed, screamed like crazy.