Punk trashes Heyman and his guys after RAW goes off the air


After RAW went off the air, CM Punk came out to another massive pop and invited Paul Heyman’s guys to a fight, Chicago-style.

“I feel like garbage. But you’re still here and I’m not done,” Punk said, after asking the fans how they’re doing.

Heyman, Axel, and Ryback came out and Punk took on both Axel and Ryback with a kendo stick, hitting Ryback several times in the back with it much to the enjoyment of the fans.

Heyman tried to escape but Punk got him in the middle of the ring and as the fans roared their approval, Punk hit Heyman a couple of times with the stick before he was jumped from behind.

Eventually Punk got rid of both and got a chair to even the odds. The whole segment lasted 13 minutes and it ended with Punk giving another speech thanking the Chicago fans. You can see the full segment below.