Punjabi Prison match set for Battleground 2017


Mahal vs Orton III will happen at the next Smackdown pay-per-view Battleground, and this time it will be a rare gimmick match: The Punjabi Prison match.

This will be third ever Punjabi Prison match in WWE history. The first one involved The Big Show vs The Undertaker at Great American Bash 2006, a match which The Big Show was not even supposed to be a part of but ended up replacing The Great Khali who was not medically cleared to wrestle. The second match of this type took place at No Mercy 2007 and involved Batista vs The Great Khali.

The match was made official by Shane McMahon after first he granted Orton his rematch but then allowing Mahal to choose the stipulation. Mahal told the crowd that The Great Khali is one of his idols and that is one of the reasons why he chose this particular gimmick match.

Battleground takes place on July 23 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.