Pontiac Silverdome, site of WrestleMania III, to be demolished


The Pontiac Silvedrome, the site of WrestleMania III, is going to crash down after a sale of $29 million ran out of time.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that the 40 year old stadium will meet its end in the Spring of next year. The high costs of renovating the stadium was a huge factor in not securing a deal. The roof was damaged in 2013 after a storm and it’s completely gone.

The Silverdome hosted the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Pistons, the Super Bowl, Michael Jackson, Pope John Paul II, the 1994 FIFA World Cup, and of course WrestleMania III among other events.

The indoor attendance at that WrestleMania, advertised at 93,173, is still the record for a WWE event, a record which WWE hopes to break at the AT&T Stadium next year with WrestleMania 32. The 93,173 number is considered to be “inflated” as the long running rumor is that only close to 80,000 fans packed the stadium for Hogan vs Andre.