Paul Heyman reportedly signs new WWE deal


When WWE held the draft, Paul Heyman’s name was missing from the listing as Brock Lesnar’s manager and there was a good reason for that: his contract with WWE had expired and was not renewed in time to advertise him.

Heyman’s WWE deal ran out shortly after WrestleMania and both parties took their time to reach a new deal. With Lesnar out of WWE for a few months there was no rush to get Heyman sign on the dotted line but once his SummerSlam involvement was announced, faster negotiations kicked in to get the former ECW owner back on the WWE payroll.

Several industry insiders including the Wrestling Observer are citing WWE sources noting that Heyman just signed a new WWE deal and will be returning on television tonight with Lesnar. Just like his client, Heyman has not appeared on WWE television since WrestleMania 32 and while he was in Las Vegas for UFC 200 with Lesnar he kept his distance and stayed out of the spotlight.

Last month, Heyman traveled to the United Kingdom to host a few shows where he talked about his wrestling career.