Paul Heyman fed to Ryback, goes through a table at Madison Square Garden


Feed. Him. More. Fans inside Madison Square Garden jumped on the Ryback bandwagon yesterday as the former Nexus member wrestled Paul Heyman in a street fight.

The two didn’t really wrestle but Heyman ended up taking two bumps that at least made the very vocal fans inside MSG happy when the show was over.

After cutting a typical Paul Heyman promo on the NY crowd, Ryback came out and was attacked by The Shield. The Miz, Kane, and Daniel Bryan made the save and Heyman and Ryback ended up in the ring alone.

Ryback delivered his Shellshock finishing move on Heyman but after several chants from fans, he picked up Heyman and drove him through a table which was standing in the corner much to the appreciation of the fans.

You can see a video of the ending courtesy of YouTube user anajjar456 below.