Paul Heyman discusses Lesnar with ESPN ahead of UFC 200


Paul Heyman called Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC as “the greatest thing that has ever happened to him” as he wasn’t ready to walk away from mixed martial arts just yet.

Speaking with ESPN, Heyman said that win or lose at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt, he hopes that it will make Lesnar an even bigger star on a global basis and “drive a whole bunch of fans back to WWE for August 21” which is the date of SummerSlam. Heyman did admit though that whatever happens on July 9 will likely affect things going forward although he refrained to expand on the issue.

When asked if Lesnar gets a medical suspension how will WWE deal with it since SummerSlam is just over a month after UFC 200, Heyman said he doesn’t know what WWE has in mind and doesn’t know what Brock has discussed with WWE. He said that probably only Vince McMahon can answer that question.

The advocate of the former WWE and UFC Heavyweight champion added that there’s no other athlete on this planet that can do what Brock has done. Not Ronda Rousey, not Conor McGregor, not John Cena…nobody. “There is one being on the face of the planet that could possibly pull this off and his name is Brock Lesnar,” Heyman told ESPN. He also said that he wouldn’t put it past Lesnar to be the first and probably only person to hold both the WWE and UFC titles at the same time.

“He’s a born competitor. He’s not giving up WWE to do this. Could he hold the UFC and the WWE world championship? Absolutely he can and he’s the only being on the face of the planet who could possibly even consider making that accomplishment happen,” Heyman concluded.