Paige’s mother lashes out at websites for reporting incorrect information


The mother of WWE Superstar Paige, Saraya Knight, lashed out at online websites for reporting incorrect information about her daughter.

The former WWE Divas champion was pulled from the upcoming New Zealand and Australia tour which takes place next week and several websites reported that she is dealing with personal problems and that’s why she was removed from the tour roster.

“To all dirt sheets that are slandering my daughter you might have to get facts right before posting,” Knight posted. “Melt down my arse!! She is injured!!!!”

Paige is thought to be suffering from back and shoulder injuries and recently posted a video on her Instagram while at the gym at Midnight working to get her “back and shoulder stronger.”

Paige is not new to false online reporting. A few weeks ago her photos with Alberto Del Rio, who she is dating in real life, disappeared from her timeline and most jumped the gun saying the two are no longer together. She quickly started posting them back and then posted a new photo with Del Rio to squash the rumors.