Paige’s angry parents jump to her defense


Paige’s parents, Ricky and Saraya, used Facebook to voice their displeasure at how their daughter is being treated in the WWE and her father even bashed the health care that is being given, or in his opinion not given, while nursing an injury.

Ricky made it clear that Paige did not fail a drug test and was prescribed pain killers by her doctors which were against the Wellness Program policy because they were not approved by WWE’s medical team. He said that he has pleaded with his daughter to return to the United Kingdom for help with her neck injury as “help and direction in the USA has not been forthcoming.” He said he feels Paige has been “let down big time” while in the USA and she has not been given the proper care and advice needed in the position.

“To say I am pissed off with the situation is an understatement,” Ricky wrote.

Meanwhile, her mother Saraya wrote that she wished she would come home. “Sometimes letting out a scream just doesn’t sound loud enough, banging your head against a wall doesn’t reach the spot, closing down emotionally causes inner demons to surface, asking for help creates rumors, being in a sea of people but being alone, sometimes life just sucks…” she wrote.

Saraya has since deleted the Facebook post.

WWE suspended Paige for 60 days yesterday for her second strike in the Wellness Program.