Paige proposes to Alberto Del Rio in the ring…he said si!


Things are “escalating” quickly between Paige and Alberto Del Rio as the former WWE Divas champion proposed to Del Rio in the middle of the ring during a live WWC event in Puerto Rico yesterday.

Dressed in tight jeans and heels, Paige dropped on one knee and asked the former WWE champion to marry her. Del Rio said si before kissing his now-fiancé in the middle of the ring.

“When you have something that’s unbreakable. You keep it. Never have I loved someone so much in my life. Thanks for the love you give me. You’re my world,” Paige wrote in a post on Instagram accompanied by a photo from the proposal.

Meanwhile, Paige’s father Ricky was not too thrilled about it and wrote on his Facebook page that he did not approve of his daughter’s move.

“I am totally against my daughter marrying that man, statement over,” he wrote. He said this would be his only comment regarding this story.